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    • Hello Kitty

      Yo Buddy, You Still Alive
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    • BRJoker

      1.50r patch for Battle Realms:Winter Of The Wolf has just been released by the BRR team.

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    • BRJoker

      What can I say...

      Battle Realms Revival Team is about to release an updated version of Battle Realms. If anyone's still interested in everything BR, I suggest visiting the BR Discord.

      I, sadly, have never been active on the BR part of these forums and I doubt I'll ever be since nowadays the activity is equal to zero.

      The Discord server will always be maintained as well as the BR wikia. So check it out some time.
      - KoMiKoZa
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    • BRJoker

      Are the forums gonna shut down soon? What is happening, anyone?
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    • PCs Headshoot

      Hey friends,
      I'am actually working on the map of the mine colony from the famous RPG Gothic I. There will be 3 camps to choose (3 players). Those of you who played the game will remember that your nameless hero had to collect the 5 focus stones wich where scattered all over the map. That is where our story begins: You are a nameless hero. You rule your own camp. And you want to escape out of the magical barrier surrounding the whole dale. For that you need the power of the famous focus stones.

      win conditions: you can win the game like always by destroying the other 2 camps. You can also win by holding control over 1 manned watchtower at 4/5 focus stones. So all 3 camps fighting for the control of those 5 points on the map. (I know there is no special win condition for that in the settings, so you need to communicate this to your opponents if you got control of those win points.)
      So here are the special rules:
      - your are not allowed to train female soldiers. (there are in fact 4 women in the world of Gothic I, so you are allowed to summon the female zen masters)
      - you don't have access to horses (there are no horses in Gothic I)
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