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    • Greetings, warriors! We're releasing yet another small update that fixes a bunch of known issues... Thank you everybody who reached out to us via Discord, Steam Forums and Support Mail, your help is greatly appreciated! Without further ado, let's get right into it. 1.57.7 Changelog:☯ Technical: Reduced a number of crushes and bugs related to the joining process in Steam Multiplayer. Fixed the in-game timer, it will now display the real game time independent from the game speed setting. Fixed a check that was performed when accessing the "Multiplayer" screen. Although rarely, that used to cause crashes for certain players. ☯ Gameplay: Garrin horses can no longer be stolen when they're on their way to him (Call Horse Battle Gear). Horses will be granted all techniques previously researched by a player when their units mount them: this originally happened only when horses were taken from stables, now it will happen with any horse be that the ones called by Garrin or the ones stolen on the battlefield. Fixed a bug that allowed horses to keep moving when a player commanded their units to dismount. Fixed a bug that "triggered" horses to attack and spit fire under certain circumstances. Fixed a bug that prevented combat units from interacting with buildings on fire (any training buildings, stables and watchtowers). Fixed a bug that rendered the stables softlocked after loading save games. Now, the fix prevents the bug from ever happening, but if it you have a savegame where it had already happened, the stables will remain softlocked. AI controlled Bandits can now loot corpses. Doubled the lifetime for all units' corpses, they will now disappear slower.Miscellaneous info:   [discordapp.com] Discord has proven to be a very helpful and fun program to use for us, so we're quite keen on maintaining it and have it as a bridge between us and the community. It's already populated by more than 3000 members! If you're having issues, planning to report a bug or just want to learn something new about the game and communicate with others - we'd like to see you there, come around! Report any issues you experience in this topic. Complete Battle Realms Info Guide[battlerealms.github.io]. Follow Battle Realms: On Youtube. On Facebook[facebook.com]. On Reddit. On Twitter. On Twitch[twitch.tv]. Stay tuned for more updates! - The Battle Realms TeamView the full article
    • A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
    • Sorry for late response I miss question so many people ask me ,Do file directory exact like In the game and put  to save the files you need to put to the game folder X:\Battle Realms\Interface\Text\HERE GO FILE WIT NAME -,, WOTW_Console_Tooltips.lte '' LAST THING DONT FORGOT TO SAVE IN Br EDITOR CHNGES SHOULD BE ON THE BOTTOM SMALL BUTTON SAVE
    • View File Valley of Freedom (8) you can play 4v4 Submitter GOLD Submitted 06/02/2021 Category Maps  
    • View File Spirit Island A mystical island and charming landscapes, place of spirits. The final version of Fantasy Land map. 8 players size: large Design: Phuc JP Submitter Toki Submitted 06/03/2021 Category Maps  
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    • Battle Realmz Zen

      hey guys i finally find a way to mod in 1.55 hehehe it so simple and it runs smoothly when i play it no crashes envolve you can finally mod it
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    • Dr. Obvious

      If a tomato is technically a berry... is pizza technically a cake?
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    • Dracco

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    • mski.chiro  »  Gregor8356

      ello Gregor,

      Cross Blun seems gone, he also deactivated his facebook.
      Can you help for my request?
      Zymeth When trained in warlock's tower, Zymeth with orb will come out. make the training time same as training master warlock, required 1 yin, 800 rice, 300 water 
                >>>Zymeth with orb
      Replace Soban with Nightvol, WORTH 3 yin, 1000 rice, 200 water,Skill: summon hordeling, limit: 6,
                 >>>low regeneration rate, mana>>> need to fight before it regenerate.
      change the keep into soban's laboratory.
      Replace Teppo with kenji 3, WORTH 3 yin 800 rice, 200 water, when trained to dragon monument , kenji with dragon will come out. require  1 yin, 650 rice, 250 water make the training time same as samurai training time 

      Make Garrin consume half stamina when calling horse
      Make Kazan run speed same/mana run speed drain same as Otomo
      Replace budo with kenji serpent 31 worth 3 yin 800 rice, 200 water, when trained to necromancer's throne with 4 ronin, the final kenji of serpent will come out. Required 1 yin 650 rice, 250 water, make the training same as ronin training time
      Necromancer can summon up to 4 spirit warriors
      Wild eye,>> 4 white wolf limit
      change grayback and longtooth into their first form. when both of them train into shalery , Grayback and longtooth final form will come out. required 1 yin, 800 rice and 400 water for grayback,  1 yin 700 rice and 400 water for longtooth. make the training time longer.
      ALL CLAN units capacity 70/70
      Thank you in advance. )))
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