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Blogging About Blogs

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There are several reasons why people blog. Some use it as their soap box to tell people what's wrong with the world, as if its readers didn't already know that. Some use it to talk about their day, as if anyone cares. Some use it to talk about new and exciting beta software that they are using, as if... well, that could be interesting. But then again why do people care about beta software?

So, that's my topic for today, beta software! I'm sure that many of you have seen something to be involved in the beta for a MMORPG, Windows, ect...

The question is, why? Now, some people will actually take the time to report bugs and such, but most of the people are all excited by the new features, only to find out they have no been enabled yet. Doh! Forgot it was beta...

To me, any new piece of software or hardware is in beta, even if it says finished. New socket motherboard? err... Anyone remember AMD's Socket 754 for its awesome Athlon 64? If you had waited a few months, you would have read that there were several issues with that socket and behold, the Socket 939! By the way, I still use that today. I just upgrade the processor, ram, and video card and suddenly I have a brand new computer.

The same goes with consoles. All you people who bought a Xbox 360 the day it came out... Why? What games did you play on it? Perfect Dark? I'm sure there were a couple good games on it when it first came out, until your xbox died.

Now, i'm not a xbox hater or console hater. I have a Wii and PS3 as a matter of fact. The Wii is mainly for get togethers with family where we like to play Wii Sports, Mario Kart, ect... All those family friendly party games. The PS3 is for my sports and RPG fix. Anyway, this paragraph is just a side note from my main point.

I need to wrap this up so I can brush my teeth, but I hope you guys can see what i'm saying. To top off this blog and what you can expect me to write about in the future... I have no idea. Maybe some live nudes or something... So check back often biggrin.gif

-----This blog was written using the beta version of Google's Chrome browser-----
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