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Way Of Life

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Question of Your Destiny  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. Do You Like The Lights or The Darks???

    • The Light
    • The Darks
  2. 2. You want to see Angel or Devil???

    • Angel
    • Devil
  3. 3. In where You want to entry???

    • Heaven
    • Hell

Thanks for the Vote>>>
rolleyes.gif Just Think what You want to do and may be that's will be choice of Your own Life forever
biggrin.gif Just Think it First not to hurry
laugh.gif Don't worry cause all of Your Choice will be Your Destiny in this World
mad.gif THIS NOT A JOKE mad.gif
But Don't be so Seriously...happy.gif...
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Please add comment to me hehehe...
cause so quiet in here...
and thanks for visit me and I hope you will be fun in here...happy.gif...

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[spoiler]lol:Oh any Monkey read this message laugh.gif [/spoiler]
[spoiler]lol:Ada Monyet Pinter yang baca tulisan ini laugh.gif [/spoiler]

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[spoiler]I'm the Shadow and I will be dissapear,oops you looking at me!!!Damm it... you know me,oh Ruuuunnnnn.................uunnnnn......nnnnn ph34r.gif [/spoiler]

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Dante in Here
Master Luciever give me Your Power to Control The Darkness LOL laugh.gif

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