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Just Some Passing Thoughts

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Recently, Lord Zymeth has made a new topic 'mod nominations'. This means that a new moderator would probably be made some time in the near future. Ive been moderator of these forums for a really long time now, and i've learned many things about managing a forum, and the nature of human beings. This forum has florished under the noble management of its leaders and has provided an excellent place for the BR community to discuss strategies and players.

Punishing a person harshly will usually make them act even worse when they come out of their suspension, which just gets them another suspension and the cycle continues. And humiliating a person publicly will usually make them pissed of and coming back for more (if you've been here long enough, you would remember Pro-assASSin which makes crazy comebacks once every so often), which is why I operate mainly through private messages. And a small warning is usually enough to make sure people don't go rampaging around the forums, so you don't see extremely heavy bans here like you do on other forums. Its been a good reign so far, and credits go to the managers of the forum and the noble-minded players of BR.

The forums already have two moderators (me and cptheslayer), plus Lord Zymeth the admin, who sometimes acts as mod. cp is a great guy, who's been here for a really long time and is a master of BR, plus he has lots of common sense, so he is deserving of his position of mod. Lord Zymeth (aka Mana) is the awesome dude who is credited with creating these forums in the first place, and has probably saved the BR game from dying out due to loss in popularity.

Ive been here as mod for several years now, and my activity is starting to die out. I used to browse the forums almost obsessively, and there was a period when I actually looked at the forum every hour just to check for new posts. But nowadays, i'm playing the game less and less, and activity on the forums is decreasing too. Very few people have actually versed me in multiplayer (you wouldn't want to play against me anyway, im really shit at competitive play tongue.gif). Sometimes i'm not here to ban naughty people, and if cp and Lord Zymeth is gone too, then that naughty person is going to rampage all over the forum!

Since my activity is waning, people have been getting indignant over this. And of course, I understand this. I'm happy to step down as moderator to make way for a new one. But on one condition: the moderator is suited for the job.

The new moderator has to be level-headed and has common sense, but also is in touch with the BR community and know how to manage difficult situations. For this reason, I implore the BR community not to vote for a shoddy person to be mod. You should vote for whoever you think will manage the forum well, not whoever is 'your friend' or 'is a good player'. Remember, you're voting for the person who decides whether you get banned or not.

So don't vote someone like, say, Nekromant. Sure, he's a great player and a great guy, but will he make a good mod? Hint: this guy has been banned for three days for flaming. So perhaps he is not a good mod?

What about, say, Baxter or Ben? They both love BR, and play online alot. They are also are very active on the forums, are smart and have common sense. So perhaps they would make good mods?

This is totally up to you to decide, but hopefully you will make the right choice. This is futsalfred AKA Sinophile, signing out (maybe forever).
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