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Upgrading/flashing Nvidia Video Card Bios

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I've had a few people asking how they could flash some "better" bios on to their Nvidia video cards. Be it for upgrading a stock model to a superclocked one or just to get it up to date. Seeing how I have changed the bios on pretty much every card I owned I decided to make this blog post in case it will help someone.

Few notes:
Bios flashing can render your video card unbootable if done improperly by forcing an incompatible bios from a different video card or by interrupting the flash process.
I've had multiple bad flashes but have recovered from all them thanks to the following 1) Making backups 2) Having a spare video card/onboard video output. If the flash fails and the card is unbootable you can simply boot using a different video card and flash the backup bios to correct the bad flash.

To begin:
Get the bios file that you wish to use. If all you want to do is flash to get some better clocks then you can browse the Bios Collection over at Tech Power Up:
http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/. Alternatively you can edit a bios file yourself but I won't be getting into that right now.

Make a backup of your existing bios. For this you can use GPU-Z (if you prefer a gui) or you can use nvflash, a tool that you will be using to flash the bios later on.

Backing up the bios using nvflash:
The syntax for using nvflash to make a backup is the following
nvflash -b bios_name_here.rom

If you aren't good with using the windows command line then you can simply put nvflash into a folder on your main drive (lets say C:\nvflash) and type the following into the windows command prompt
"C:\nvflash\nvflash.exe" -b "C:\nvflash\bios-name.rom"

This will save the backup bios to the folder specified.

The windows command prompt can be accessed by pressing the Start button --> clicking run --> typing "cmd" into box and clicking enter.

Flashing the new bios:
Once you have a backup of your current bios and have your new bios ready you can use nvflash to flash the new bios onto your card. The syntax for that is
nflash example_bios.rom

If you got a bios from the techpowerup site then it is probably named .bin and you should rename it to .rom after that you can simply type the following into the cmd prompt window
"C:\nvflash\nvflash.exe" "C:\nvflash\new_bios_name.rom"
and follow the prompts that appear.

The syntax for dual card solution (GX2) would be:
Backing up
Card 1
nvflash -b -i1 card1.rom

Card 2
nvflash -b -i2 card2.rom

Card 1
nvflash -4 -5 -6 -i1 bios1.rom

Card 2
nvflash -4 -5 -6 -i2 bios2.rom

Any questions or comments can be posted here.
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how much performance gain do you think i could probably get from going from the stock 650/972mzh speeds for the clock/memory to 750/1050 for the clock/memory?

my card is an 8800GTS 512MB edition, stock speeds

also, this is my only PCI-e card, how risky would it be?

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You would get a boost no doubt. You could try overclocking with Software first.

It shouldn't be risky so long as you get the bios from the same manufacturer and a similar edition.

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mana could you please fix my donator status its been like 3 weeks or more and i still dotn have it my steam id is: Steam_0:1:10895226 Name is : Elpablito. its gettign sucky i keep gettign team switched and stuff.

[quote name='Mana' date='21 October 2008 - 10:37 PM']You would get a boost no doubt. You could try overclocking with Software first.

It shouldn't be risky so long as you get the bios from the same manufacturer and a similar edition.[/quote]

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