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    • Use H2oTool (without GUI) to build H2O archive. https://sourceforge.net/projects/h2otool/ Open cmd then type the command to make H2O archive. Command h2otool help will show: H2OTOOL - h2o archive utility v1.0 - sigget 2007 ----------------------------------------------------- Usage : h2otool <command> [archive] [directory] Where command is one of: info, list, extract, build or help Examples : To display info about an archive type: h2otool info <archive> To list the contents of an archive type: h2otool list <archive> To extract the contents of an archive type: h2otool extract <archive> <target directory> To build an archive from the contents of a directory type: h2otool extract <archive> <source directory> Note: to build h2o command is build not extract. To build an archive from the contents of a directory type:     h2otool build <archive> <source directory> - Open CMD - type fullpath of h2otools and commands Ex: "D:\Tools\h2otool.exe" build "test.h2o" "D:\BR" Build all files in D:\BR folder in to test.h2o file. h2otool.exe in D:\Tools folder.
    • I have in plans do refresh to my olds mods bring tho new updated file some good stuff from my mods why I don't know when I have time but with this is realy hard . Like bring heroes to Ai use Or remove not add I game yin yang points in long fights   
    • It is 2020 right now with a updated version on steam. But i still want this mod tho anyone can help. Thank you
    • View File Serpent Rest 6 players Submitter Praxis91 Submitted 07/28/2020 Category Maps  
    • Help! I was creating my map and then the program dont let me to save anymore, then i close it and when i restart the program i lost my save. It is disappeared form my pc, except by "last file list". Can i rescue it? it is important. Thanks.
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    • Dr. Obvious

      If a tomato is technically a berry... is pizza technically a cake?
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    • Dracco

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    • mski.chiro  »  Gregor8356

      ello Gregor,

      Cross Blun seems gone, he also deactivated his facebook.
      Can you help for my request?
      Zymeth When trained in warlock's tower, Zymeth with orb will come out. make the training time same as training master warlock, required 1 yin, 800 rice, 300 water 
                >>>Zymeth with orb
      Replace Soban with Nightvol, WORTH 3 yin, 1000 rice, 200 water,Skill: summon hordeling, limit: 6,
                 >>>low regeneration rate, mana>>> need to fight before it regenerate.
      change the keep into soban's laboratory.
      Replace Teppo with kenji 3, WORTH 3 yin 800 rice, 200 water, when trained to dragon monument , kenji with dragon will come out. require  1 yin, 650 rice, 250 water make the training time same as samurai training time 

      Make Garrin consume half stamina when calling horse
      Make Kazan run speed same/mana run speed drain same as Otomo
      Replace budo with kenji serpent 31 worth 3 yin 800 rice, 200 water, when trained to necromancer's throne with 4 ronin, the final kenji of serpent will come out. Required 1 yin 650 rice, 250 water, make the training same as ronin training time
      Necromancer can summon up to 4 spirit warriors
      Wild eye,>> 4 white wolf limit
      change grayback and longtooth into their first form. when both of them train into shalery , Grayback and longtooth final form will come out. required 1 yin, 800 rice and 400 water for grayback,  1 yin 700 rice and 400 water for longtooth. make the training time longer.
      ALL CLAN units capacity 70/70
      Thank you in advance. )))
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    • PCs Headshoot

      Hey friends, all my maps are updated now and i added 2 new ones. So if you liked my previous stuff, check out the new versions and feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.
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    • PCs Headshoot  »  Dr. Obvious

      Hey there,
      i would like to update my maps, but normally the approving takes a long time (i still got an unapproved map 6 months after uploading. I don't want to judge or annoy anybody because admins have more important things to do, so is it possible to give me the rights to approve those maps by myself?
      Lots of love 
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