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    • AI can train kenji from keep add pesant inpt unit in bulding section ,kenji can be also summon from bg . some time units secoontulltip  this is description in game how unit have name shold be set the same then no crash also if bg is made wron please base on wildeye bg copy and fill only how many and nuber of unit in this case nuber ID of kenji. To sumon more then 1 unit at one time ned yous more reserwed memory  and shoud be conected by ID of reserved memory in CreateMagicAtTarget for example normal bg at the end is CreateMagicAtTarget number here reserwed shud be 202 for example and all one ability shud normaly creat one unit so it depends how many memory we use that many will be units. Abitlity of necromancer only work with necromancer number ID only for that ID to conwert corps necromancer ability corpes to horldnigs can by done by change id of hordlings with zombies and make necro to nightwol chenge model and Voices to nightvol   
    • In unit data in editro are section with helth movement speed etc.
    • I'm trying to do this with Kenji in keep, I made use of the reserves in UnitandBattleGear. I want the AI to use Kenji, but as they do, the game crashes, any idea on how can I do it? Also, I had made Nightvol playable and with BG that can summon Hordelings, is there any way I can make him summon maximum simultaneously? And also, how does abilities like Necromancer Raise Dead works? I want Nightvol converting corpses to Hordelings
    • # bugfixes · Monks/Ninjas revival bugfix v1 - fixes lotus being able to produce infinite ninjas by reviving them. monks and ninjas can no longer can be revived by abilities unlife or servant of flesh https://www.mediafire.com/file/hsaf2dmapj2fmgc/ReviveMonkNinja_bugfix_v1.zip/file · HealthVampirePercent/StaminaVampirePercent bugfix v1 - solves the exploit of lotus brothers taking stamina from horses. these variables do not take effect anymore against animals/ambientlife if hit by a melee/instanthit unit https://www.mediafire.com/file/as6s7nlbah7xb3v/VampirePercent_bugfix_v1.zip/file
    • # bugfixes · Cancel Technique bugfix v1 - fixes the lotus yin exploit (canceling a technique & ritual of ascention) http://www.mediafire.com/file/l2bdna6ne9fe8p9/CancelTechnique_bugfix_v1.zip/file · CanEnterWatchtower bugfix v1 - fixes the exploit of lotus brothers being able to enter watchtowers. buildings rallypoint will now check for the CanEnterWatchtower variable (Data_Units) http://www.mediafire.com/file/vwdctxvisu2aw0x/CanEnterWatchtower_bugfix_v1.zip/file · Siege variable on projectiles bugfix v1 - makes ranged units get affected by the Siege variable (Data_Weapons). beware: most ranged units will deal half as much damage vs building than before http://www.mediafire.com/file/i389vj4xlpja428/SiegeProjectiles_bugfix_v1.zip/file · start Technique bugfix v1 - prevents researching techniques from unfinished buildings http://www.mediafire.com/file/jba1iwitmaax0w5/StartTechnique_bugfix_v1.zip/file · Town Square upgrade bugfix v1 - patches the buildings upgrade start/cancel button to prevent spending/receiving extra resources when the upgrade already was started/canceled http://www.mediafire.com/file/4xzh545gh5hc920/TownSquareUpgrade_bugfix_v1.zip/file # custom patches · (not finished) CanOnlyHaveOne patch v1 - allows to set a specific value (rather than just true/false) in the variable CanOnlyHaveOne (Data_Buildings) to effectively limit buildings to a certain amount http://www.mediafire.com/file/85ca3kfmzppzz68/CanOnlyHaveOne_patch_v1.zip/file · (to be improved later) Starting Towns patch v1 - restores the functionality of this deprecated lobby setting that was available during alpha/beta versions. adding a new dropdown button is not an easy task, so for now whatever is set in Starting Armies will affect Starting Towns aswell http://www.mediafire.com/file/06uiby9dbi0i2j8/StartingTowns_patch_v1.zip/file · (to be improved later) Windowed Mode patch v1 - forces the game to run in borderless windowed mode http://www.mediafire.com/file/zb7gzafqamg3ck8/WindowedMode_patch_v1.zip/file
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      Battle Realms Revival Team is about to release an updated version of Battle Realms. If anyone's still interested in everything BR, I suggest visiting the BR Discord.

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