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    Today's my last day of high school so I'm feeling super nostalgic about the past 4 years of my life... I was scrolling through my old posts and stuff... many I was a cringy little kid. I can't believe you guys put up with me I forgot how much time I used to spend on the forums (probably to a fault, my grades suffered a lot sophomore year lol). Me and most of my online friends barely even play TF2 anymore. I'm writing this at 4:30 AM with a final exam in the morning. What am I doing with my life? I'M SO OLD. I'M GOING TO BE IN COLLEGE AND THEN I'LL BE GETTING A FULLTIME JOB AND HAVE TO PAY BILLS AND THEN BEFORE YOU KNOW IT I'LL BE BURRIED sigh... the memories
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    The new kitchen, mostly. I just need to do the wiring and fix the lighting up. There'll be a center island with oven, stove etc that whoever's cooking can move around if they want to be outside. Eventually I'll get some old, rustic wooden doors to cover some of the holes up. For now though, I'm happy.
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    He's right, you know... *slowly assembles Syringe Gun* A bit insolent, but right. Jokes aside, yeah, it's been quite a trip through the years. But all in all, the old saying goes (and I'm old enough to know all about old sayings): You're only as old as you think you are. I'm heading towards the 50 soon enough (Jebus fudge), and I only think about it when someone pokes me into the face with it. *shoots syringes at Dracco* Hope you aced the exams! *potatohugs*
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    Don't worry, you can still play games when you're old... Just look at Obvious here! runs
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    Hi. How's it going in here? I've been great. Moved back out to sunny San Diego, built some pharmaceutical robots for a bit, and now I'm designing the next great board game and loving life. Hope you're all doing well.
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    Not wearing the right uniform...how come we made this dude staff? /s
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    Holy shit man... that sounds pretty serious. I hope everything is getting better, not worse. As for me, I've been off building some more robots! We've been doing really well this year, and will be off to the world championship in Detroit in 2 days, so that should be fun. (Yes, that is me on the far left)
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    I had some nasal surgery recently (along with a couple other ones in the head area). Lots of useless obstructions taken out. Some perhaps useful but enlarged things removed as well. Deviated septum is *hopefully* correct now. Germans seem to love pain and do not believe in using real painkillers, at least the Bavarians. Worst pain of my life, it even extended into my ear as they say it's all connected there. Those were some of the worst 2 weeks of my life. Had 2 bleeds, some a week or so after the surgery. That was somewhat scary. Ringing in the ears, vision fading. Then only the heart increases it's rate and re-calibrates, then things fade back in. Apparently it will take months until my blood is back to normal. So just a little update on myself for those of you who are still around.
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    Hey Guys, here a list of Battle Realms maps im working on from time to time. Some of them progressing faster, some slower, depending on the map size. There is no release in the next few weeks, but you can see there will be new maps in the future for you. If you don't care about the future check out my already finished maps at the bottom of the list and the other great maps at the download section as well. upcoming new maps (no released files yet) Caves (8 players / giant size) : progress : 40% Feengrotten (4 players / medium size) : progress : 50% Steps of the Gods (2 players / medium size) : progress : 40% Spring of Life (5 players / large size) : progress : 20% upcoming updates Broken Friendship (2 players / large size) : progress : 90% (nearly) finished maps Darwinism (2 players / medium size) Ancient Cemetery (2 players / small size) Thuringian Abbey (4 players / medium size) Smugglers Hideout (2 players / tiny size) Frozen Souls (6 players / small size)