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    AI sometimes get stuck here exploring, and the similar section on the right hand side of the map. Although I have no idea how one would fix this.
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    Love this map, my friend also really enjoyed. However, I feel that there is a slight imbalance between the bases. For instance, I feel the team on the right, should be able to build their throne/dragon in the safest portion of the island here at the back. The left team can fit 2 of such size structures on the safe part at the back, you can fit the throne/dragon here and on the beginning of the hill, which I feel gives them an advantage I feel like there is an imbalance in defending from the water, the team on the right, cannot place a tower in a decent location, due to a small hill. You could place the tower to the bottom of this hill, but then I feel the hill gets in the way. When I played this map against a friend, I ended up placing a tower quite far to the right of those trees there, making my entire base feel really small in comparison to the other side of the island. I think to fix this it should be flat here on the hill, similar to the other side Here, you can place the tower on the hill, with the height advantage, and clearly overlooking the water path. The left team also gets that nice little beach bit to build on, but I am unsure if that additional bit means that the left team has more building space overall, I think it does. My friend was also able to build there, it seemed like the space on the left side of the map is better.
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