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    i discovered that when we replaced any hero in Serpent Keep with Necro, 100% AI will build the Throne after Keep and create Necro (so dangerous), Necro's still pop up normally from Throne, but not from Keep. Can someone find the relation? Oh the game still crash whenever you choose Serpent Clan to play. and Mr. Mod, i have a question about the techniques, in Data_Techniques i put in unit that can learn, for example i put Channeler to learn Issyl Boon which normally is learned by Warlock and Master Warlock, but when i play the game, nothing changes. Is there anything else i need to do? and btw, is it possible to gain the techniques for units from other clans, such as create Channeler in Wolf Clan, can she learn Herbalist which affect the entire Wolf Clan??? Because I found that Nightvol can gain Herbalist or Meditation. Thanks.
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