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    Hi. How's it going in here? I've been great. Moved back out to sunny San Diego, built some pharmaceutical robots for a bit, and now I'm designing the next great board game and loving life. Hope you're all doing well.
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    Incredible. You are certainly the most talented Battle Realms mapper, the way you decorate the maps by positioning objects the way you do is great. The caves, shrines and random details are what I think is missing from a lot of stock and custom maps, they really add the spiritual aspect of the game. Hope to see more from you if you find the time! Also, I notice from your screenshots you do not use the increased FOV mod? The maps you make are so detailed that when played in combination with the increased FOV the game as a whole looks amazing. The HD models unlocker mod I would recommend as well.
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    Hi everyone! Hopefully some of you may remember me How are you all doing? Just wanting to catch up as it's been so long!
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    Hey friends, I'am actually working on the map of the mine colony from the famous RPG Gothic I. There will be 3 camps to choose (3 players). Those of you who played the game will remember that your nameless hero had to collect the 5 focus stones wich where scattered all over the map. That is where our story begins: You are a nameless hero. You rule your own camp. And you want to escape out of the magical barrier surrounding the whole dale. For that you need the power of the famous focus stones. win conditions: you can win the game like always by destroying the other 2 camps. You can also win by holding control over 1 manned watchtower at 4/5 focus stones. So all 3 camps fighting for the control of those 5 points on the map. (I know there is no special win condition for that in the settings, so you need to communicate this to your opponents if you got control of those win points.) So here are the special rules: - your are not allowed to train female soldiers. (there are in fact 4 women in the world of Gothic I, so you are allowed to summon the female zen masters) - you don't have access to horses (there are no horses in Gothic I)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my new map ,, 8 player map
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    Version 3.3


    Deep in the heart of the thuringian forest the old abbey elevates above the mountain. It got destroyed during the raids and skirmishes between the 4 villages at the surroundings. Who of them have to take responsibility for this infamous action? The winner will write the history. Play hide and seek with your enemy. Raid neighboring settlements, set traps, hide behind bushes and use the environment to outflank your counterpart. And allways have a look at the woods for enemy ambushes or wolf packs. 2 vs 2 / free for all balanced positions detailed environment numerous tactical options I hope you enjoy playing this map. Feel free to contact me for constructive criticism, questions and suggestions. Headshoot
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    Version 3.1


    During your journey you met a horde of enemy marauders. In the middle of an old cemetery it comes to battle. Your clan has to desecrate the old gravesites to survive this dark and unholy fight. May the gods forgive you for your sins. 1 vs 1 small dark night spooky atmosphere detailed environment playable in PvP also hard vs AI I hope you enjoy playing this map. Feel free to contact me for constructive criticism, questions and suggestions. Headshoot
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    Use SITUVN BR editor you can find here in forum,changing hd mode is in 1st left column with name game load could be chenge models laod from 2 to 0, after this you should check in section ,,units'' textures mask sheet that ,,names '' means what looks like will be the unit so your work here is to find if you remove from wolf a teksture ora change that to look the wolf like spirit wolf
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    We should keep to posting on different days otherwise this shit might all kick off again lul
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    Well I would certainly hope so!
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    Ahaha That's mine xD btw, say hello to my LORD Gregor! long times no talk.
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    an mountainous map with transitions
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    Thanks for still showing interest in making the BR maps! Much appreciated!
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    snow islands ,map for eight players
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    This file contains 14 maps and 1 readme file. All maps based on Kenji and Grayback's Journey Maps which I modify them and can playable in skirmish, enjoy!
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    This is a large free for all 8 player map with plenty of horses, forest and lots of secret little places every start point has advantages and disadvantages and i consider this to be my best map so tell me what you think
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    This is my biggest map.Its a 8 player map best for 2vs2vs2vs2 but it can be played in the other known ways. The bases of the clans are like so: in the upper side of the map is the wolf clan base, in the lower side of the map is the serpent clan base, in the lower left side of the map is the dragon clan base, in the right side of the map (the dark side of the map ) is the lotus clan base. It will be great if every clan spawn in the proper base but that is big luck though. But the map is perfect i think for team matches.Btw in the lower right side of the map is the dragon spire there you can establish a small base if something happens and you lose your main base (but you need to be serpent or lotus) there are 2 more spots for establishing a small base.The world is big (i think) and there are enough horses in the map and a lot of cool choke points. there are no bugs at least i didnt find no.If someone find bugs let me know to remove them.Only the land looks a bit like the one of the kenji journey but its a lot different. There are a lot and good strategies that can be used for defence at every base. Well thats all, i may still edit something in the map, so if you like it expect updates in some time. [WOTW game ONLY]