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    Like dragon and the samurai hehe
  1. Samurai_Disaster

    My Own Magic Tricks!

    hmm how did you do that?? i want to be magician
  2. Samurai_Disaster

    The Burned House

    Your house is burned!! Its a simple game well, the first person will give you a three think then you must pick...: Save it Throw it offside the window or leave it for example there are three thing i mention:cat, dog, pig the next player must answer like this: Save: Cat Throw: Dog Leave: Pig and give a new question ok i will give a question Your money, Your pet, or Your Boy or Girlfriend
  3. Samurai_Disaster

    Do You Dare..

    if i don't love her anymore why not?? even in public btw, do you dare to kick your teacher face to get money??
  4. Samurai_Disaster

    Gender Poll

    of course they are but why there is so bit of girl play BR?? in this sight we can see that man won at playing game
  5. Samurai_Disaster

    Do You Dare..

    here a simple question, you have a girl or boyfriend if you got 1 thousand million money Do you dare to spend all your money for your girl or boyfriend??
  6. Samurai_Disaster

    Slap,kiss Or Hug What Wud U Do?

    hug i think...lol
  7. Dude if thats your Katana in the photo i just want to inform you that its not a Samurai Katana!

  8. Samurai_Disaster

    [mod] Kenji & Texture Pack Mod Beta 0.02 Released!

    where i can download it??
  9. Samurai_Disaster

    Kevlahnota's Mod V2.00

    well... i want to know when you last mod will be added? and in the new mod could it posible to summon the dragon(itself)?
  10. Samurai_Disaster

    Moderator Nominations

    i think ben and baxter too
  11. Samurai_Disaster

    What's Your Real Name?

    my name is samurai (of course lie) ok!ok! my name is nathan (singapore)
  12. Samurai_Disaster

    Dragon Heros

    wow amazing!! how you can make it so close?
  13. Samurai_Disaster

    Whirling Spear

    that bg is my favourit with 20 spearman with that bg its be a powerful army berseker is no more
  14. Samurai_Disaster

    Is Anyone Who Finished Kenji And Grayback's Journey?

    im finish all journey grayback journey is easy one i think serpent a bit hard (my necro died)
  15. Samurai_Disaster

    Who Says Dragon Is Weak?

    Dragon is the best clan i think i try with my friend 10 bersekers with armor vs 8 spearman with whirling spear,horse and spearman win!!