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  1. what is password RAR BR WOW Patch 2.22

  2. god~times flies!

    merry x-mas and happy new year!!!!!^^

    and happy "late" b-day to u~~~~

    where have u been in these months or this year?@@

  3. my god, kenji, why u didn't online in yahoo?

    are u busy for ur school life?

  4. hey kenj where are u not see u in br

  5. Yeah right,fix bugs,but mostly adding Hero and units...and I hope the nxt BR have a more better graphic like Warcraft......
  6. happy new year

  7. haha the best is Issyl's: "The moon chases the sun" "The sun follows the moon" "flow like a river" "Hurrry me not" the second is Kenji's: "Feel the dragons power!" "for the Serpent" the third is master warlocks: "i am the master" "i...am..ready" SOban: "yes,yes" Grayback: "FOR OUR FATHERS!!!!!!" hehe heres the mysecond post Koril:"Darkness descents","Through the light" Shinja:"serpent.." Otomo:"AS you command" Arah:"my arrow never miss" THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! Taro:"THE OJA FEAR NOTHING!!!!!!" Kenji:""I hunt......Dragons!!!!"
  8. i dont get the 69 part where do i type it? it text string or hex string?

  9. english hahaha na sa america kasi ako nyahahaha

  10. haha~xD

    there's nothing I can do~~

  11. sir d ko magets hehe xenxa., tpos k na yun Dragon Keep tas click Text -> Hex add 00 betwwen code d ko magets yung 69.. san ko ta2ype yun? sa Text string of Hex?., pno ko pla mla2man kng na edit ko yung Battle Realms.dat?

  12. thankk youuuu :D !!

  13. erm.....types of attacks???what do you mean???
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