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  1. yea he is definetly a hacker. he kept acusing me of hacking today when in reality he was the hacker tryin to draw attention from himself. very annoying person and disgraceful human being.
  2. Name: Sniper A.K.A. Dago.BrawleR (Real name is John) Age: 18 Steam Community URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DagoBrawler619 Previous Admin Experience: Previous Admin in 2 CSS server that are now out of service. Admin recently in DOD:S server IP is... i an no longer admin in server due to server owner was a bitch/crybaby and caused mutiny completely taking over server a week after me donating 20 dollars. What makes you a good Admin? I am tolerant of immature players not punishing them unless other player are uncomfortable and not enjoying the game. also not afraid to get rid of those that need too. i also dont fuck around as(slapping, slaying, drugging, etc.) players becuz im bored or another player wants me to. straight forward. Also i am on Late night, live in cali so i can moderate the server in later hours. plz take this admin application into consideration. thank you. Your Stats URL Link: http://stats.lotusclan.com/dods/player.php?id=64813
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