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  1. Ok, so it sounds like the only real way to move up in rank is to play either sniper or medic to rack up points and play hours on end. Ugh..
  2. Since I have a day job, I can only play ~10/week. I suppose that's not enough time in comparison to everybody else is it?
  3. Hey Lotus TF2'ers I have been struggling with raising my overall Lotus rank. I used to be in the thousands but after a few server resets a while back, I've fallen to 3,000 something. I have been playing as often as I can to try and raise my rank but it's proven to be difficult. Anybody have pointers on how I can raise my rank faster? Data
  4. KoTH is no longer in the rotation in Stocks 3? Why? Actually, there are several maps that are gone from that server. What happened??
  5. Data

    Donor Help Thread

    Hi Mana, I just donated via PayPal. Here's my info: Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:10188259 Servers: - Stocks 3 - Stocks 2 Thanks! - e
  6. Hi, New maps were just announced on TF2.com (http://www.teamfortress.com/). Does anybody know if these maps will actually make it into stocks rotation or are they just custom maps that people can download and play? I know we don't have a custom maps server so if they're not in the stocks rotation, I'll have to try them out elsewhere. Thanks! Data
  7. Data

    Cart Size

    Which servers will this new cart be on??
  8. When will we get that on Stocks #3?!
  9. Aw man...I already bought my own copy because I couldn't find any takers on a 4-pack..
  10. Data

    Donor Help Thread

    Oh, my bad. Please set me up for Stocks 3 and Payload Stocks West Coast. Thanks Mana!
  11. Data

    Donor Help Thread

    Here you go: Transaction ID: 32W61181RG062804J
  12. Data

    Donor Help Thread

    Hey Mana, I donated the other day but still haven't gotten donator status yet. Just checking in. Thanks! Data
  13. Ok, thanks Mana! It just came with today's update - yay!
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