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  1. Nomar

    This Is For Keg

    it's really nice ^^
  2. only have this when i play on our 24/7 2forts server when its full, didn't had this problem for over 4 months and now it's back
  3. ok i was playing on the 24/7 tf2 server and suddenly my screen looked like this ok what happened
  4. Nomar

    Tf2 Engineer Stories

    ow lol these vids are real nice. and Rydawg, they are weird stories told by a guy XD. and what you said is so true
  5. nice, another 24/7 dustbowl, love it
  6. mine is just my first name, Ramon, but than backwards. so Nomar
  7. they can be effective though. noob medic killing Yay !! also it's fun to play scout on a 32 server on dustbowl while defending they don't expect that
  8. hehe ok that was fun XD, girls are good at multitasking . dem those guys have way to much time
  9. hehe lolz, nice vid
  10. Nomar

    Puppy Webcam!

    aww they're sweet
  11. Nomar

    Admin App?

    Nice, by silencing you mean mic and text?
  12. I did watch those videos to, learned a lot of stuff.
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