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  1. Holy shit sucky you are the biggest loser I've even known. You're STILL here even though you don't even play TF2 anymore and still trolling away.
  2. kuttlewug

    Jebus Dick!

    This place is completely lifeless. Used to be busy with lots of people. What the hell happened to this place?
  3. kuttlewug


    Wheres my fuckin free taco?
  4. Mana will never do custom maps. EVER.
  5. We will not take you to our leader
  6. He speaks the truth! Stopped going to Stock 2 well over a year ago.
  7. Done. Will trade fists of steel.
  8. Well then take a look at the backpack and see what you'd like. http://www.tf2items.com/id/podsaurus
  9. Hmm I dunno. maybe if you happen to come by a spare homewrecker then we could talk. Homewrecker would help keep teams sentries alive.
  10. Well I have my vintage pair and then I have the pair not vintage that I found on a drop. Have a look http://www.tf2items.com/id/podsaurus Forth page and look at anything else you'd like there too. I am looking for homewrecker btw. Not that I'd trade goggle for that obviously offer me more than that but am looking for that. And again mainly looking for pyro hats.
  11. Ok I have a number of things I'd like to trade. Prefer hats (haha like everyone else) mostly pyro hats if you've got'em. Darwins Danger Shield Eyelander 2 Candy Canes L'etranger Ze Goggles
  12. kuttlewug

    Bt Infinity

    Didn't even see this one.
  13. kuttlewug

    Bt Infinity

    I'm surprised actually.
  14. Melee only? Medieval mode? Yes please!
  15. Well the only thing I concern myself with now is the win %. I am contributing to my team and helping us win or not? Most of the time I find myself going medic because my team either has just one or none. But I WILL change class as needed given whatever situation. I'll fully admit I'm stubborn sometimes and am dead set on playing one class because that's what I want to play. This is TEAMfortress 2 so I don't really think the stats tell the true story. Phantom is on top but has a win ratio of 29% which is nothing spectacular. (mind you my win % is worse). Take this random person I found in stats. pilvlp Win 62%. Why is this person ranked 2491 (as of this moment I type this) when this person is, no offense to phantom, clearly a more valued person to have on your team. Perfect set up and having this person on your team means you'll likely win more than half the time. Stats show how many points a person has not their team value. That's my 2 cents for now.
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