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  1. wanna play online with me? in my opnion ,dragon and serpent are the worst clans to play with AI .
  2. i just tested it yesterday, the druidesses will win but I had to do the hit and run trick.
  3. lol u guys know what, i can move right away after getting the blind effect from serpent's tower . it sucks but yes its still better than the dragon's tower.
  4. I hate to see my buildings got burned, the peasant moves like a snail while he's caring water . Good thing Wolf clan's building is hard to get burned.
  5. I choose WOLF!!!!!!!!!! . shale armor , totem . HP regen will make my berserkers unstoppable unless my shale lord was killed and those damn swordmen mug my BG away
  6. Berserskers are way better than Samurai , get real ! Dragon clan's fans!!
  7. I don't agree with you about the serpent 's part, I obviously know Musks wud be terrible with the BG"snipe" but well , have u ever tried to fight with like 4 comps? i bet u got no time to build like 15musks with its BG and u will lose so bad since the BG of serpent tower kinda suck. WolfMaster
  8. lol have u ever tried play Wolf clan? it's lotus killer .
  9. I picked Grayback . I actually like his tall , good looking body with tons of muscles, square jaw, a sight of true loyally hero . I also love his attitude,he brought freedom to his people ...well. he deserves to be the leader of the Wolf Clan .
  10. I voted for Wildeye , he got decent cutting atk dmg and his BG 's awesome, it saved my druidess and balistamen' asses .
  11. it depends on the battle that ur in , if ur enemy is Lotus , plz don't use werewolfs lol. In my opinion , berserks with ghale armor got more advantages than the werewolfs in a mass battle i tested this thing too many time , ronins n samurais stand for no chance.
  12. its a godly BG of the WOLF clan!!!
  13. it will increase ur army dmg if ur army stands in the totem's range , and yes . it also makes ur enemies move slow like a snail
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