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  1. Miyari

    Unban Request

    You are busting my nonexistant balls here. Can I be unbanned already? I've done nothing different to deserve to remain banned than any other idiot. STEAM_0:1:16488802
  2. Miyari

    Unban Request

    Sexy King your ping sucks, deal with it. Your profile says you are connecting from Portugal? I can't even get Google Maps to calculate how far that is. It's okay though, now my ping sucks too and we can just kick each other back and forth. I don't plan on donating again anyway, so now YOU can donate and abuse ME.
  3. Miyari

    Unban Request

    I'd like to be unbanned so I can troll your Badwater server and stalk KillerKeg. For the record, I was banned for Lotus Member impersonation because Mana ninja-removed me (again) from Lotus without telling me. Sorry there isn't a better story than that, I was just never interesting in appealing sooner because it forced me to find some other servers, and I've been doing that and met some pretty fucking awesome players and now I get to pubstar it up with comp pros and shit. Nothing against playing on Lotus servers, but don't forget to sometimes explore other options. In bed.
  4. "The first player in the world to receive a Golden Wrench, Kaori, later had his revoked due to a hacking infraction. He was also later banned from VAC-secured servers." Source: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Golden_Wrench Karma's a bitch, ain't it sugarlips?
  5. Wallhacking sniper on Stock Maps 2 most recently. Has been votebanned off server in past. http://www.nordrassil.org/gommer.rar I just got this game yesterday, here's the Steam ID: # 298 "[Go]-[mmer]" STEAM_0:1:14717099 29:46 61 0 active
  6. http://www.projectmonster.org/forum/showthread.php?t=6109 LOL what is this. Let's see, I'm apparently registered on some site I've never used, using the avatar that I now ONLY use on these forums (convenient) with the only profile information being filled in is my birthdate, which is also conveniently the only information available in my Lotus profile. I registered last month, despite the fact that I've barely been playing Team Fortress 2 lately and don't play ANY other FPS games atm. I also have apparently made 6 posts, yet when I search for posts by user the only one that comes up is one in which I request a namechange here, in which I state that I play for a "big clan" (yeah, a big clan of what - 7 people?). Apparently I'm also friends on this site with some people who play Counter-strike: Source, a game that every single person who knows me (including Mana) knows I have absolutely no experience with, or interest in. Soooooooo what I can guess is that in your sad attempt to try and incriminate me, you got one of your little hacker buddies (or yourself) to change information on this site I've never been to in order to try and make me look like a hacker, and draw attention away from the fact that you're complete scum? All because I posted a demo? Wow. I forget we live in Bizzaroland where people are going to be more inclined to trust some random piece of shit who hacks on 2fort servers (lol) than someone who has played here (and been a Lotus Clan member, for that matter) for well over a year. Just lol. Enjoy your ban, cocksucker.
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ElectronicMonkeyz? A Korean team? That explains your (accurately represented, right?) ping of 1 to Mana's server very well. Wait, no it doesn't. I'm probably mistaken though, there must be another "professional" team with that name. You didn't sound very Korean, though. What a shame. If your idea of a "good time" is playing like utter shit and sitting around waiting to respawn, then you need to get out more. Also, in before you call 2fort cronies to back you up.
  8. Apparently he is a self-declared "professional" Team Fortress 2 player who gets paid to play on a team. I was not aware that teams were paying people to die to their own pipe grenades and are incapable of properly airblasting projectiles. Clearly, there is a future for all of us. Also, he's total bullshit. Oh, and in before he screams "donator abuse" since he was kind enough to threaten me by saying he'd "talk to Mana" about my "abuse" - the abuse being a single voteban initiated after far too much spectating for 7 in the fucking morning. Cry some more. http://www.nordrassil.org/kaori.rar
  9. For like five seconds we had a remake server but that obviously won't work. There's a lot of awesome TFC remake maps and I thoroughly enjoy playing the most of them. As such, I'd love to see a Lotus server running them. I still like to beat the dead horse about the subject of having a custom map server and still think we should have one. I remember when Vegas used to run our (always successful) TFC map nights back in FG, he left some of the maps not in the rotation but able to be voted to. I think the addition of at least 4 custom maps to the map server that would be available via voting wouldn't break the sanctity of your 'STOCK MAPS OMG' server. Or at least give us a fucking customs server already.
  10. For the record, Brutus cannot be votekicked or votebanned.
  11. I still want a Custom map server; it's not like everyone isn't already tired of every stock map in the game. It's silly how much you miss out on by limiting yourself to stock maps only (some of which aren't even very good).

  13. Miyari

    Got Rank?

    Classes, maybe, but players? Probably not. Nearly every class can perform the exact same job while ubered but it all depends on the player's skill and ability. Also, ubering snipers is Gabe's will be done.
  14. Minding my own business sniping on 2Fort at like 7am when this joker comes along playing Heavy. I'm sniping front door area and I sneak out to get a shot and he immediately goes from shooting the battlements from his own front door (diagonal to mine) to pelting me quite accurately with his Heavy sniper rifle. He had just joined the server and should have had no idea where I was sniping from (only reason I knew he was there was someone on my own team reporting it), so he had no reason to know where I was to react faster than I could headshot his fat ass, nor with such precision. I've seriously never been shot that accurately diagonally door-to-door on 2fort by a Heavy in my life. I switched to spec him and he changed to Sniper like a true winner. A simple Google search reveals that the ID has been banned from other servers for the same offense. Fucking idiot. "Kristen Bjorn" STEAM_0:0:19839994 http://rapidshare.com/files/316661481/kristen.rar.html
  15. People seriously needed to watch past :55 with him immediately jumping to and tracing the completely cloaked spy that he had no way to notice exiting the spawn? Sheesh.
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