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  1. Henry Spencer

    Ban Request: Mr.kittykat

    Time/Date: August 6th 2013, around 1PM EST. Server: Texas 24/7 Hightower Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?0en3uwnajj23h48 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32788678 Heavy with an aimbot. After I called him out on it, I spectated to get a recording of him. Unfortunately, he only botted 2 people to death before getting randomly backstabbed. Then I guess he got spooked and left the server, because I couldn't find him again. You should only need to watch the first 30-ish seconds of the demo.
  2. Henry Spencer

    Dranearian Votekick Abuse

    It was one votekick, he apologized, now chill out. If it happens repeatedly, then it's a big deal. If this bothers you, you should play on Stock 2 sometime! People there get votekicked for the most asinine reasons all the time, and nothing ever comes of it.
  3. Henry Spencer

    New Skin

    Easy on the eyes, simple, well laid-out. I like it, good choice.
  4. Henry Spencer

    Ban Request Rage|Quit

    Children, children... chill the fuck out. I'll look at this shit eventually... along with, y'know, the past 6+ months worth of stuff.
  5. Henry Spencer

    Lotus Members

    I only play West Coast really late at night. Stock 2 or Chi-town 2fort otherwise.
  6. Henry Spencer

    Ban Request

    Wtf is going on in here. Bans are broken indefinitely anyways. WHOOPS NEVERMIND LOL
  7. Henry Spencer

    Donator Abusing His Voteban 'power'

    I've pretty much been told to leave the donator abuse cases to Mana. So PM Mana if you want anything done.
  8. Henry Spencer


    Ban'd lolol
  9. Henry Spencer


  10. Henry Spencer

    My First Hat

    I recently found the Baker Boy by crafting away a Towering Pillar of Hats and a Soldier's Stash into a Camera Beard, then 2 Camera Beards into the Sniper's Pith hat, then the Pith and the Brigade Helm into the Baker Boy. Satisfied? Hell no. Made the Tyrant's helm not long after with 3 Refined Metal.
  11. Henry Spencer

    So, Sam And Max.

    This game is fun, lol. Pretty funny as well. I'm just terrible at puzzle-solving. :/
  12. Henry Spencer

    Detective Mike Here Detecting A Cheater.

    Don't know if serious... Hope not, because you're retarded if you believe that's actually Miyari.
  13. Henry Spencer

    Ban Request {Gbk} Kaori // Special K

    With this latest oh-so-shocking revelation, hopefully this gets locked... ?
  14. Henry Spencer

    Three Ban Requests

    I'm just getting back into the swing of things today. Last week was rather hellish. I'll check out these demos tonight.
  15. Henry Spencer

    Ban Request {Gbk} Kaori // Special K

    Yes, I'm hoping Mana will lock it soon, considering I DO BANS BUT HAVE NO LOCK POWERS LOLOL