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  1. WoooHooo! mana i'm glad you think that lotus could use a fun server
  2. I play this CD while i'm playing TF2!
  3. idk about any1 else but i don't see a pic of your pc screen. The first option sounds like its the best on for you
  4. haha well we cab atleast try for a fun mod with fun maps!
  5. This seems pretty SWEET! Any1 putting together a team I can pay and willing to play any class (preferably medic)
  6. Haha its all good everyone has to be a douche once in a while
  7. Haha i know guess thats what i get for giving out tips. I don't think my other posts were retarded though its a legit suggestion for Lotus to get a fun server
  8. Yea just like normal CSS, but you can pick classes and surf all the same and with the advantage of building teleports with Engies and Killing with all the other classes. The Scout is the best class to start surfing with the Double Jump is your best friend!
  9. Really good guide! For all you Soldiers out there, A Medic with Kritz is your BEST FRIEND!! Health and 100% Rocket Crits is unstoppable!
  10. LMAO! I jumped out of my seat when Rick Roll started playing, cause I had my headphones on full volume and I put on Full Screen with my head close to the computer trying to read what was going on in the consule. HAHA! Anyways I think Demos and Soldiers need to be the next classes to get achievements.
  11. Well i've noticed that Lotus has a lot of servers for TF2, but they're lacking a fun server, like custom maps or mods, I personally would love for Lotus to make a Surf Server. I love surfing it's so much fun! I just wanted to get everyone else's opinion on this one.
  12. Yea the new updates are fricking awesome! Another helpful hint whenever i play spy disguise then cloak for a lil while to get behind everyone then if I attack someone and miss ( lol thats what usually happens ) re-diguise then cloak and run like hell hopefully you make it out or you'll be QQing till you respawn
  13. Yea it looks like it would be an interesting map considering a lot of spamming, but it would be fun just as long as you move the spawns in different directions so you can't spam each other for instant kills.
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