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    I guess not? What's the point of this forum if the admin doesn't even respond...
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    That is nice. Now, back to why I posted this... Will I be unbanned?
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    (current)Name turtLe -AA- http://steamcommunity.com/id/aadic68 STEAM_0:0:16568932 I tried to join one of your servers (a mach4 24/7 or something) but it kicked me for "Positively Hacking" (I do not know when this happened, sadly) ... Now, I don't want to offend whoever looks and reviews over whatever demos you get sent in, but they are wrong.. lol. I really am not trying to sound like a "elitest" right now, but I have gotten quiet used to be banned for "cheating" from servers, but the reason I am taking the time to try to get myself unbanned from Lotus is because I actually like your servers. I was randomly invited to that "Lotus Sucks" group (I quit it) randomly, but I accepted it without really paying attention. I do that alot (as you can see, http://steamcommunity.com/id/aadic68/groups). Lastly, I have been accused of being part of the "Artificial Aiming" hack thing because I have -AA- in my name, but that is NOT why I have it. I am in the sniper group called Auto-Aim.
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