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  1. well the main servers i play is payload stocks | Chicago & 24/7 Goldrush #1 : East Coast i hear player whine about the lag so im not the only one.
  2. all i see is lag. or its a troll. or both...

  3. WinteR

    Unban Request

    Hello this is Winter, I notice that i was recently ban from all the server due I was in [Team Win]. Whatever the clan did, I wasn't there. I have been out for about 3 weeks. Long before whatever happens. May you please up lift this curse so I may play with my friends in Lotus. Oh here my steam ID STEAM_0:1:12540335 Sincerely, Kenny Tran (Winter)
  4. Name: W!nteR i4v. [Team "WinteR"] | M Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:12540335 Well, i was never online since this event occur. I was watching TV. Even if i did, I couldn't be the people stacking because i was not donater at that time. Can u please unban me because i would like to play with my friends -Thank you, Ken(W!nteR)
  5. OK first of all i was not donator so i couldn't stack at that time. AND i wasn't playing this whole weekday cause of intense tests. I would appeal this case because, [team win] and [techno] is a part of lotus. W/o them almost all the players be gone since it's made of lotus players. Anyways these are good people just trying to have fun. I apologize what have occur we just wanted to have fun. We didn't want to do this so we can make lotus hated.
  6. yeah i seen this alot but they always seem i hack just because i c their party hats -.-"
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