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  1. I usually tell "n00bs" to play heavy. Then I play demo and use them as a meat shield. A textbook case of turning your lemons into piles of exploded meat on the floor.
  2. makes me giggle everytime.
  3. Recently, 15 backstabs, 10 sapped sentries, no deaths
  4. Tom Carvel

    Best Map

    There is no better map than cp_warpath
  5. Your dirtiest moments in TF2, whether they be backstabbin', pyro tauntin', or demo launchin'. For me, every time I take out the heavy/medic combo I feel an evil twinge go up my back, like I just destroyed something truly beautiful. And if the medic has the Uber ready it feels like a bolt of lightning hits the tip of my dick when I stab him.
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