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  1. naa diay.. he he.. sorry tol...

  2. hoy, nganong wa man ko apil sa imong friends???? he he he

  3. hey do u still remember me? aha!

  4. hallo miss BR beauty.. still playing BR?

  5. saan ka na??? havent heard from you a long time.. havent see you in gameranger also...

  6. HALOO THERE.............

  7. ..........maybe because they are the villain in Kenji's journey.... lol..
  8. ...... at first i thought Dragon is the most enjoyable playing with....... Now it isnt. I have learned to love Serpent more especially against super AIs with minor/major advantage. I just enjoyed playing with the Snipers and the mugging swordsmen...... Playing with AIs???????? Oh well, I enjoyed playing with them more becoz they dont rush just like most online players.. By that, you would be able to appreciate BR more. Plus they create a variety of units while human online players would always go for all snipers, all cannon smokers, archers... etc...
  9. For me........ 1. BATTLE REALMS 2. Age of Empires II: Age of Kings ...... there are just the two games that my cousin influenced me in playing with. BR is my number one strategy games becoz its very unique... and it doesnt end a long time..unlike AOE. Dont play much other games... coz my eyes are somewhat old already........
  10. How lucky you are.... iv been to gameranger many times but all i have seen is just six, the most.. if i'll come up with 11, i'll also post that.....lol.....
  11. yeah right. You will know its a smurfer if they're not from Thailand. But if they are, you would hav no way of knowing it.... except for their account numbers..
  12. ..is that possible in unmoded BR??? Hell, if it is, i would not tell anybody.. lol.. it would just ruin the fun of playing battle realms..
  13. ...its becoz theprince changed his name to RoyalAlvz so thay hav the same account... ..yeah it will show the country.........but Thailand is so big and many people. How the hell would anyone know that slave noob is Muteki??? lol.. amen to that...... but people will only smurf the good players.... who would smurf new players anyway??? So i guess anyone should somehow be proud that they smurf you.. Unfortunately, if the smurfer is somewhat stupid, foul mouthed, a cheat and whatsoever, then goodbye to your name.. the other players would hate you for that.. even if it was not you.. ha ha ha
  14. I think you can still smurf in gameranger. Try to search for Ben, you would find a lot of players with that name... lol... and they have different accounts.. Ive even tried Alvz, i found at least of 2 of them... btw Nekro, how was your game yesterday with LOT and etc???? who won??
  15. ..........for boys/males, yes its most possibly BLUE. But to say, the most popular color notwithstanding gender, i think it would be WHITE. My favorite color however (not popular i think) is GREEN, as in greening the earth.. peace...
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