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    Battle Realms FOREVER!!!
  1. I was just playing my load game of BR for about 2 hour. I was looking at my allies base of what they're doing then I saw this unclean one riding on an invisible horse. I took a screenshot on it. Does anybody know this already?
  2. Who Is The Handsome Hero?

    found an awesome picture of Issyl: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/162/f/2/Issil_by_Leonifa.jpg Well...? I quite like him at this age and I think he looks really mature here♥
  3. I came back to play Battle Realms again!

  4. Battle Realms - Lair Of The Lotus

    Awesome! I can't wait to play the Lotus clan again! Also they are going to make Battle Realms Legends instead of Battle Realms Genesis which is a trading card game (TCG).
  5. Battle Realms Fan Art!

    I've been very inactive of this forum... Hey everybody, I could share you some Battle Realms fan arts but I didn't drew them. Website is DeviantArt. http://fav.me/d6308os http://fav.me/d64cml2 http://fav.me/d65hf2y (these 3 are the best) http://fav.me/d64qbxo http://fav.me/d6bzurf (I consider these 2 are good) That shark dude is my cousin's little brother's character and yeah, he likes the Lotus clan especially Issyl. Oh and one more thing, I almost collapsed myself when I saw this fan art: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/203/5/e/com___crimson_kiss_by_yaoi_master_forever-d6eoywx.jpg It was a commission from my cousin. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very first time ever of............Issyl x Koril! P.S. For those who doesn't like this kind of art, please do not comment because it's impolite.
  6. Edit Pics

    Airee:"Thy life is like a Lotus, which follows the path of death, decay& destruction." Zen master Rice cost: 350 Water cost: 200 Occupation: Angel of death Melee: magic, piercing/cutting Missile: magic, cutting Weakness: cutting Strength: blunt, magic Training: Keep Yin cost: 1 Innate abilities: regeneration, stun evade(ineffective against stun attacks or spells that stops movement), water walk(unlike any other units& zen masters who can't walk through the deepest part of any water, Airee can walk unimpeded through the densest watery areas, allowing her to stay safe from harm) Airee had always been the Lotus Clan's sweetheart, but not so long, she was devoured by the Dragon clan's Dragon deity as Zymeth's punishment for bringing ruins to the Dragon clan's terrains. Her remnants were brought back to their land, and was later resurrected by the 3 crypt brothers but was never the same as before as the resurrection had some side effects on her since the Lotus clan follows the Forbidden path& heavily focuses more on death itself, causing her to be infected& sick like the Diseased ones. After the incident, she realized she had an extra boon which were miraculously bestowed with the dragon deity's power. As for her relation with Issyl, they were archmages for a short while but developed something that ended up into trust& loyalty to one another, in an easy way to understand this, they gained emotions for each other. Yvaine was always jealous of her(obviously because she's the daughter of the Forest Goddess Gaihla), thinking that she was eaten could've relieved her from her jealousy but she was wrong. After knowing the child is no longer the same, she was abit intimidated and tried to outwit her sometimes but ends up failing. Airee& Gaihla rarely met as the warfare between the clans consecutively rages on. Mother& daughter relationship still holds on even though Airee misses her mother's embrace, but there's always father Zymeth to watch over his little lotus. The weapon she uses in combat are chakrams, one of the arsenals that are similar to those Dragon clan's Battle Maiden weapons but in a very different feature, it has sickle edges and the symbol of lotus in it. It is embedded with poison& stun. Attitude: loyal to the Lotus clan, infact, she only gives concerns& support only to her clan& to her mother, Gaihla. Abit vengeful due to what happened& despises Dragon clan for it. Stubborn& snobbish to other clans. Unlike any others, she seems to be the only one who speaks in third person and is an eloquent speaker which enamours even most of those of the high councils and warlocks of Lotus clan& of any other clan though some remains to look at her with disgust& hate because she is half-part of the Wolf clan. Battle gear: Deathly Lotus: she could summon leaf-shaped sickles that are floating around her waist line. The sickles work if she uses her projectile, that way it flies& spins like a boomerang and deals a much more greater damage than in combat. When in close-range fight, the sickles attack along with her. Continually drains stamina if she runs or walks but remains as it is if she idles. Daughter of Gaihla and Zymeth
  7. Edit Pics

    - This is my first edited pic >> Utara X Issyl, holding hands?! (November 6, 2009) - My second edit on ps >> Lotus Clan Heroes Wallpaper (January 9, 2011) - Third edit >> Issyl X Airee, Forbidden Love?! (February 12, 2011) The drawings on the third pic are not mine. I just found them and edit it. Issyl - the art belongs to Leonifa (on deviantart) Leonifa's Profile Airee - the art belongs to OpheliazBloodyMary (on deviantart) OpheliazBloodyMary's Profile Hope you like them ^^
  8. Download Link For Br_Wotw

    what os do you have?
  9. Yin And Yang?

    They use trainer
  10. Baby Ran

    Baby Ran is better than Ran Online because easy and faster exp and lvl (if you play about 35 minutes or 1 hour you'll be in 100 lvl already). In Ran Online, you need to buy an ep points card to buy items on Ran Online Item Shop but in Baby Ran, just earn points to buy at Item Shop. Here are some of my screenshot I have 3 account on Baby Ran and I'm trying to Rebirth them all but sadly I can't log in on their website : ( Anyway... enjoy ^^
  11. I'm good in Photoshop 5 but not really mastered XD

    1. Battlerealms999


      Hey Do You Know Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Im Playing That Game

    2. DaTaBLitZ001


      I've heard that game but I don't usually play it

  12. Download Link For Br_Wotw

    Just download the game through torrent heres for the Battle Realms download >> link this torrent has an ISO files so u need to install too, Power ISO (I used this all the time and its a good program). Just search on google and type: Power ISO torrent utorrent (install it) link Hope this helps you ^^ If u have a problem just ask me.
  13. Horses

    The game gets slow?
  14. Mod Request

    Long time no see cros_blunn ^^ About the dragobbite, I've already tested it and it was good but can I used for the "Dragon"?
  15. Choose It!

    Just a wild guess ^^