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  1. I know that italian is talk only in Italy. But here we should have, in this topic, all the Italian BR fans. What do you say? Or I'm the only Italian fan? Answer meeeee!!!!! TRANSLATE - TRADUZIONE So che l'italiano è parlato solo in Italia. Ma qui dovremmo avere, in questo topic, tutti i fan italiani di BR. Che ne dite? O sono l'unica fan italiana? Risopndetemiiiiii!!!
  2. Favorite Unit From Dragon Clan

    you're right ^^ but samurai are the best. They're strong and very "right", balanced like Tao and paceful. The best units!
  3. Kenji's Journey

    First or second level on Serpentholm? And with which clan? can you answer VERY FAST?
  4. Dragon Geisha Has No Underwear

    That's a new notice1 I mustn't tell it to my little brother! You guy, you shouldn't say this things, but it's real. I can't believe it...
  5. Favorite Hero

    Kenji and Otomo forever. Guys, Ot is very strong. Ok, Shinja's too... i didn't want to tell you this... i hate the serpente, the lotus and Kenji's brother, taro. Fiu! someone that like him! But if you like lotus, it's a your choce... don't worry :-) (but the dragon clan members can't undersand your choice, is that right?)
  6. Hi! I've encountred some problems. Can you resoudre them? Thanks a lot! 1st: when i downloaded the soundtracks, they were only 3: Better Days normal and Combat and Scouting Trip normal. 2nd: in this map http://forums.gamingterritory.com/index.ph...mp;showfile=411 how did you have Ot's grave? 3rd: in the link for download h2otool there are 2 files, but anyone of the 2 works. How can we download it? 4th:how can I know if I have installed service Packs? Thank you anyway, if you answer or not!
  7. Worst Hero Ever

    WHAT?? Hey, vetkin is worse than Ot! Peraphs he's stronger than Ot, but Ot is a Dragon clan member,. and if u like Serpent clan... remember that we will be enemies forever! (sorry, i love the dragonclan then i respect all his members and hate all his enemies virtual or human... so sorry for my character) that's true that shinja is very strong (he's the only enemy that I really estime), but you can't say that Ot is useless!
  8. Hey, (lord) Zymeth, the download have only 3 songs. where are the others? Is it a my computer's problem or a download's problem? ( I haven't written lord Zymeth because I HATE ZYMETH in BR, so excuse me, but i'll never call you lord...^^'')
  9. Next Br....

    Well... you guys, if you are like me, you will have some more expansion and a lot of Br! (I means, a BR2, Br3, BR4, ect...) I have a little idea for BR 2, the Grifon (Grifone in italian, i don't know if is the exact word , sorry ^^'') clan... a lot of new ideas... P.S: WE ALL LOVE BR, ISN'T IT TRUE???
  10. Worst Hero Ever

    Ehi, you guys. Why don't you insert Zymeth? For me, he's the worst, worse than Shinja ( he has ruined the holy Dragon clan)! Anyway, I voted Budo. You stupid peasant killer! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  11. Help: Internet - Gamespy

    Have you Winter of the wolf? can you pass me please? i need it!!!
  12. Dragon Has Best Watcher

    And a Samurai? Eh eh, you Warlocks have no chance versus a Samurai of the holy Dragon clan!
  13. Kenji's Weakness Is.....

    OTOMO! :D what do u think? With that enormous sword, of course he wins on the traitor (Shinja, i'll hate you forever, cursed bast**d! :angry: :angry: )
  14. Kenji's Journey Zen Masters.

    Damn... no one is sad for the poor Otomo's death, here???? You no sensitive! :angry: