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  1. Heheheh I really want that to happen when I play too lol
  2. Shale Lord!!! He is huge but he is fast!!!
  3. Kenji's BG is the best hands down, he can kill any hero with a BG like that!!!
  4. Crossbow rush works best for me..
  5. Nahhhh Serpent owns all of the clans..
  6. Arah. Otomo . Tao. last is Kazan!!
  7. Dragon is balance.... but still weak for me..
  8. Otomo and Garrin are my faves..
  9. So they do get stronger when Yin/Yang increases....
  10. Hey Guys can you change the Heroes Bgs? If its possible can someone plzzzz help me!!!!
  11. Grayback is still my second choice...
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