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    Spying in TF2 XD (I love dumb medics who uber me while in disguise LOL)
  1. i agree about making packmasters the main tank of the wolf army i sent 2 shale armored pack masters with 3 wolves each, it let me send in a whole pack of sledgers and won me the game in an instant O_o
  2. I'll try Guardian vs Berserker and see who wins
  3. Then why post here lol? Anyway i picked Budo's BG, useless as heck
  4. Garrin also sux but Budo is still the worst lol
  5. I dont think imagination can help you alot here (IMO ), maybe, a good strategy and the determination to win btw, it's spelled Kenji
  6. Kabuki-Dragon Warrior combination, those 2 together can easily PWN a samurai (well, based on how i played anyway)
  7. Awtz!!! O nga no, di halatang pinoy sya wahaha
  8. I get annoyed a bit if my enemy is Lotus ESPECIALLY if im not playing as Wolf, Me + Wolf vs Lotus = Sledgie rush Sledgie Rush by me = Pwnt lol
  9. Lol about Budo, he's more of a peasant recruiter, he made wolf clan peasants try to kill Grayback didn't he? HEHEHE
  10. I bet a boomer from L4D could run faster then kazan O_o (well duh, lol)
  11. LMAO after what just happened a few minutes ago, I can't stop laughing I was doing Grayback's Journey, the part where you have to destroy Soban's Laboratory and guess what happened... After Grayback arrived, i left Wildeye where he was and kept pushing boulders and guess who got hit while he was running towards my base...SOBAN, too bad i couldn't get a screenshot on how hilarious it was when it happened, it happened all of a sudden, as i was trying to destroy the Lotus base i pushed a bolder when suddenly Soban went running around in his base and got ran over by a boulder LOL (It didnt make much of a difference though, i never found him dangerous )
  12. Bersekers PERIOD Give them lycanthropy and they are two times more dangerous Its like they have 2 lives indeed and another one of my faves is the Sledger, since i go for the bases first, Sledgers with shale armor win me most of my games ^^
  13. Aw man i could have helped but im still in the part where i have to beat Issyl and Koril, i can help you in awhile, let me finish this first (I rush like hell)
  14. Try the walkthrough in the battlerealms.cc Oh and lol sorry i cant help, i always took left and fought the wolves
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