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  1. Nex

    Mana Please

    Well then its still doesnt work
  2. Nex

    Mana Please

    Mana I understand you may be busy but servers are your responsibility, please PLEASE fix he party hats!!! I'm tired of playing a spy and being detected by some dunkofs! I was playing today on Stock mpas eascost and that pyro saw me entire time i was claocked i even tested i ran cloacked in frint fo him and around him and he started chasing me, I mean Mana wtf? I donate for fun, fix it please or this will be the last time i donate and play on your servers!
  3. Nex

    Donor Help Thread

    Donated again (~ZG~) Nex STEAM_0:0:16211564 03:34 90 0 active been 24 hours thinks you should check it out
  4. Nex

    Donor Help Thread

    Hey Mana Qestion: Why people see my hat when i cloaked as spy it's really annoying anything you can do about it?
  5. Nex

    Donor Help Thread

    Just donated # 826 "-FFG- Nex" STEAM_0:0:16211564 03:34 90 0 active PLease add me to donators asap thanks mana
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