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  1. if i remember correctly it is like crtical strike of kenji but does bit less damage but it surely does good damage and if it kills any one reanimates them as wolf.
  2. it would be just overkill, where exactly is AOE stuff?..also tht vampire health works, it almost regains complete health with value as dc41.
  3. did you try searching torrentz on google there are many links out there. Hey that Samurai blade finding is awsome.. I didnt get much of it..but i was able to increase damage add fire damage and increase range to a such a extent that units fire from their base..
  4. Those are WTOW updates. You will see them only in GrayBack's Story mode. In skirmish there is a check box for WTOW, only when that is checked you will have wtow units buildings and upgrades.
  5. this wont work, you cannot give other clan's BG to a unit, if you want tht unit to get BG by training in BG buildings. But you can give any BG to a unit as a "default BG" similar to heroes. You can check doc in my sig. Each Unit is eligible for 3 BG's first two are from buildings and last one is default one.
  6. there is no fool proof solution for this.. Check this post, i have posted the solution but its kind of trade off..its upto you.. If you really want to solve this only possible thing is have dual boot and install winxp.
  7. yes its correct only thing tht can be done is via BG's since there is no attack animation for them all.
  8. nice job..but it is missing one last thing..adding your own BG to any unit..even the ones who doesnt have..it should be there in my doc..i had updated it.
  9. what is password RAR BR WOW All Heroes

  10. no he didnt say nething abt it... but if you are jst looking for yin yang trick...jst look for trainer under downloads with my name. trainer
  11. this can be done by modifying journey scripts i.e. some dlls files which only marcelo knew the father of this modding:) here is the file which Marcelo had uploaded..but it had long gone. I had saved on my on pc:) It includes a modded BR exe which removes "fog of war" and dll scripts. Please take a backup of your files before replacing ne of these files. JourneyModded He also said that the watchtower BG and monk things are kind of hard coded in Br.exe. So if you folks wanna try that..try it out.
  12. i think thts all hard coded in BattleRealms.exe and it requires particular animation to do it. Like say suppose u change the chemist look to tht of leaf discipline...it will allow u to right click on it...but the chemist will keep on moving n would never enter the tower n tht unit becomes uncontrollable.
  13. yep thts exactly how u can change the songs in BR... i had added SSJ3 music.. for koi pond...
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