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  1. I guess the reason is why many people say that dragon is weak is that they are not used to play with that clan or they just dont like it. And if you dont like it, its sure that you try to make it down and say that it is weak. Maybe dragon is also weak for them becuz they can play much better with the other clans. But for me the dragon clan is the strongezt cuz i can play at my best with them, i am used to play with them. I know all strenghts and weaknesses of that clan. For me the lotus is the weakest clan of all cuz i cant play with them and i played so many times againzt lotus with dragon clan so that i also know their strenghts and weaknesses. But my problem is with the wolf clan.. I dont know much about them and just played a few times with them. I just know some strenghts and weaknesses of them.. so now if i play skirmish mode i often play againzt the wolf clan, to study them.
  2. Dragon is the best for me man, right they have the weakest attack power of all clan, but with upgrades and good strategies, they are also a deadly enemy. And don't forget about the dragon itself. The dragon can decide a whole battle... Heroes like Otomo, Arah, Kazan and Tao are useful as well. Garrin... hmm dont know.. can call a horse for second life bar... but i just use him as the defensive leader for the base.
  3. But isnt it boring only calling the adventures after the main person??? How about an adventure which tells us about the history of the dragon clan, how it fought against the horde. And how the serpent clan got born. Or how the Lotus stopped to follow yang and got into yin...
  4. Well it depends on what clan you are using. There are many strategies to beat the lotus. Each clan has different strategies. The lotus clan is based on missle units like warlocks. So it would be good if you use cutting units like Dragon Warrior, Samurai, Ronins, Swordmen and Berserkers. Better if you can use Kabukis stardust ability or use the smoke ability of the cannoneers to blind the missleunits of the lotus. The melee units of the lotus shouldnt be any threat for your close-combat fighters. Or use a sledger who goes right into the group of the warlocks and smash the ground so that they are stunned. These ideas are just some simple strategies, of course there are many more but i just say that it is most important that you try to beat the missle units of the lotus, because they are the key of their power, if you stop them, the lotus will lose. But if you play againzt a experienced player it would be different. He wouldn't let his weakpoint opened. I would say you should study the weaknesses and the strenghts of the lotus. Maybe you can think of your own strategies to beat them because every player can beat any clan at best with their own way of strategies.
  5. you cannot download it, it is already in your battle realms folder. sorry... but i can't understand one thing what you are talking about, maybe you can explain it clearer? Then maybe i can help you with your problem.
  6. Well i found a value of the samuraibattlegear dragon skin which is 85. I tested it and changed it in some other value and voila.. if i send the samurai into the fireworks factory it doesnt work. So changing the Battle Gear of the samurai isnt enough, i have to change somethin of the firework factory as well but i dont know what! And that's discusting me for days now... But anyway if i get yin blade for him, he would gain yin points instead of yang... So my new question is how can change the yang blade into a magic attack? It should generate yang, a magic type attack and make a little more damage as normal... That's why i asked how i can increase damage of an attack... Do you still don't know how sanada? Or someone else here? Well i can't help you with the reducation of the training costs for shale armor, but i can tell you how you can increase the health of each unit. Example:Berserker The entry value of the berserker is "2D". Here is the adress: 234BF9 And quickest way to find the health value of each unit is to look for their entry unit and then press "Ctrl + F" and then type in the hex string: 80 3F It will bring you to the costs of the training. Like this for the berserker: 80 3F 1E 00 00 00 3C 00 The 1E 00 after 80 3F is the cost of rice. Then 00 00 follows, it's just a sign which leads to the next value. The value 3C 00 shows how much water it costs for the training of a berserker.Then it follows many 00 00 00 00... And then it stops at A4 01 <---- this value is the health value. If you want to increase it then set a higher value for it. All together it looks like this --> 80 3F 1E 00 00 00 3C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A4 01 But i have to explain you how to count too... Well lets make it simple... First list is normal counting and the second list is the hex counting... 1 - 01 2 - 02 3 - 03 4 - 04 5 - 05 6 - 06 7 - 07 8 - 08 9 - 09 10 - 0A 11 - 0B 12 - 0C 13 - 0D 14 - 0E 15 - 0F 16 - 10 17 - 11 18 - 12 19 - 13 20 - 14 21 - 15 22 - 16 23 - 17 24 - 18 25 - 19 26 - 1A 27 - 1B 28 - 1C 29 - 1D 30 - 1E 31 - 1F 32 - 20 ... ... And so on i hope you understand it The first number "A4" is for the normal counting but the second "01" is kinda different. 01 counts 106 02 212 and so on... Feel free to change the health values. The higher the number the higher the life points. Originally the berserker has 270 life points.
  7. nah i just mod battle realms for little extra changes but not really hehe

  8. what about "yang-blade" of the samurais? i can't find it and by the way can you explain me how i can let the samurais learn "yin-blade" in shrine instead of "yang-blade"?? and how can i raise the attackpower of a unit without chainging his attack type like blunt or cut?
  9. yes it works, but i raises the population... that's what i want to avoid... but anyway nice trainer... how you maked it? is it that complicated? or is it simple?
  10. monks are the best, if you noticed, they are useful allies for your clan and they have high defense, what makes them strong. My favourite clan is the dragon clan, i always hold Tao and 6 monks with a few geishas in background as support squad for my main army which otomo should lead and if the army is in trouble i use the support squad to smash the enemie's archers and healers down while my main army takes on close-fighters.. i tell you... Tao+6 monks... deadly combination....
  11. Yo, are you modding battle relams?

  12. so can you upload your trainer for unlimited ninjas/monks?
  13. yea you're right, and maybe it would be nicer too if there will be new clans with new heroes, new maps and finally with a map editor where we can place units, buildings etc whereever we want just like in age of empires or empire earth
  14. draginnik you've said that your keeps can produce unlimited ninjas and monks right? can u tell me how you did it? i cant find the values in hex editor for it
  15. well i dont understand what you all are saying.. you are confusing me... well i have the wotw version.. so is it true if the more kabuki warriors i have the faster yang i'll get?
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