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  1. wf2.zip

    This is version 2 of the famous waterfall tool. This version allows you to enable waterfall2 and other objects in Battle Realms 1.10j, 1.50q (with and without wotw).
    It also allows you to extract music and maps from the .H2O files of the game.
    Please extract the .zip in your Battle Realms folder.



  2. High Tide (2).sam

    Here is the description that normally comes with the map.
    High Tide (2).txt

    +----<High Tide>------------------------------------+ | texture set:    grasslands                        | | players:        2                                 | | size:           256 * 256                         | | filename:       High Tide (2).sam                 | +---------------------------------------------------+ +----<author>---------------------------------------+ | nick:           [LoN]Kamikaze                     | | email:          lonkamikaze@federationstudios.net | | country:        Germany                           | +---------------------------------------------------+ +----<setting>--------------------------------------+ | It is a flooded coast region. All horses are in   | | the north east and in the center is a forest with | | a small hill. There are some wolves. The map is   | | sourrounded by the sea in the west and in the     | | south and by mountains in the north and in the    | | east.                                             | +---------------------------------------------------+ +----<gameplay>-------------------------------------+ | There is more than enough building space, but you | | can only build at your start position and in the  | | north east. Because there is no natural shelter   | | turtling is barely possible and the battle is     | | decided by unit managing and good timed attacks.  | | You can always go arround towers, so most of the  | | defence is done with mobile units.                | +---------------------------------------------------+


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  3. Mapping Guide.pdf

    This is the ultimate Guide for Battle Realms mapping. It contains lots of useful information for those who want to make good maps for this game. Even experienced mappers can learn something reading this.
    Please send questions and suggestions, this is considered work in progress and will, with enough feedback, be updated with improved versions.



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