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  1. u can't make campaign that easy ull need people to help the cenematic too cuz in BR many people who'd make..
  2. its easy first when u sword rush u make peasant hut in near water after building it make 2 taverns individual build thats all
  3. i like infested one when he dies he explode like plarrkkkk!!
  4. yea they can heal but healers in tower are helpful for healing comrades \... dragon-archer's sepent-cannoner's lutos-unclean one,master warlock's wolf-ballistamen's
  5. USELESS!!, guardian is very usefull unit its cool when u add kenji in keep not to replace other units or hero u making me sick of ur mode and u make the game unbalance... ur worst than ever!
  6. kenjis weak to grayback and ivo ur so pervert mind if i rip ur eyes off!!
  7. for me no need ninja cuz i do in dragon monks i hate ninjas they are stealthy but easy to kill.. hmm.. back to the answer.. for me in dragon im just make 3 samurai's, 5 kabuki's, 6 dragon warriors, 5 spearman with stun strike, 3 alchemist, 4 healers and lots of archers then... that was all i just defeated Zymith and all his soldier, but my army only 6 of them died then the im just destroy all the lutos terrytory and towers in every terrain. After that the ninja who always talks "I AM THE DARK" he and hes horde attack my base and they all dead im just using 10 pheasant to lock-on target to the I AM THE DARK they the 4 watch tower they attack the leader so the leader died sooooooooooo easy!!
  8. Geeh.... your a girl... i thought your a guy (and the pix is ur girl) coz of the harsh words you hav on me... lol... your pretty.... but it seems your foul mouthed..

  9. its too easy in the first place ull train 7 bandits 5 swordsman 3 ronon 7 3 cannoner and muskeeter and 3 healers then attack the wolf base in the north then if u defeat the wolf there make a new terretory there then make a full soldiers like 15 bandit w/ poison wep 2 ronin 10 cannoner w/ long range upgrade then if u have that shit soldiers make an attack after the dragon and wolf rush in ur base then first u attack is the wolf terretory in the left side of the map then make the tank is the bandits dont even forgot cannoners will be attacked by soldier or i will kick ur ass then ur healer make them usefull not a prostitute wolf is easy to beat no like the dragons base, so have a nyc day btw, make rush in making soldier like i said in the 1st place to rush an attack in the north wolf base OK! i finished kenjis journy for 10 times and serpend clan for 4 or 5 and the last graybacks journy i finished for 1st until the last for 3 to 4 hours ok good luck!
  10. its too hard !! im not playing ol in br ill play in hell
  11. at doon napunta din ang tribo wolf na napunta sa epero ng serpent pagka tapos merong isang miner na ang pangalang Grayback. sino ba si Zymeth dito, sabi ni grayback isang uugin ka gago ka mamatay ka sana animal kan yawaa ka matay palang ng mama nmo pag hikog oi amaw!! yawa lan kang pistiha ka animal ka pakamatay oi yawa pisti animal pota madre !!.. Grrr... awoooooooooooooo for the wolf wahahah!!
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