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  1. steve _jones

    How To Mod "Battle Relams.dat"?

    I cannot understand germen..... but Thanks!
  2. steve _jones

    How Can I Finish This Level?

    How can I finish Grayback journey level 3? I cannot through the "magic door"!
  3. how can i get more yin points in lotus with three brothers?
  4. steve _jones

    Askar And DrA Mods

  5. steve _jones

    How To Made A Map

    As the topic:how to made a map can somebody teach me?
  6. steve _jones

    How To Mod "Battle Relams.dat"?

    How to mod "Battle relams.dat"? i even see the topic about "Moddding battle realms.dat" But i thought it's too difficult can anyone who teach me? Thanks
  7. steve _jones

    Kenji In Different Clan

    How do you think about kenji have most power in Dragon clan or Serpent clan??