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  1. how do i make units cost cheap like : 0 water 0 rice
  2. nakagawa na ba kayo ng clan ano kaya kung [{RP}] ng para rep. of the philippines
  3. youre right but i cant defeat the cuz their first tier unit is strong like the leaf disciple it can even kill swordsman ! ! !
  4. hehe i have the same problem before because i put the game in the desktop i just put it back at the folder
  5. how do i download battlerealms.dat
  6. i got this problem too but i fixed this happened to me because i renamed the game
  7. i cant uninstall it i shouldn't have download this i cant join a game
  8. it happens to me but i think it mine just crash
  9. just go to the lounge and youll see in the topics kenji mod version 1.00 then just read it and it has step by step installation
  10. why cant i join a game in multiplyer when i join i see "unable to connect connection refused"?
  11. can u make your shorcut key video in google video because youtube doesnt work in our computer
  12. what do you mean replace the original battlerealms.dat in the folder do you mean delete it? what will i replace with battlerealms.dat
  13. install a mod there is a mod in the lounge called kenjis mod version 1.00 kevs mod
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