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  1. Aside from Peasants and Golems, I'd say Overseers are the worst Lotus units.
  2. Is it just me, or is that last stage against the Wolf Clan on Serpent Campaign really easy? Serpentholm 2 is a lot more challenging and harder than the last stage, imo.
  3. It still is possible in WotW. You just have to do it very fast. Walk/run the sniper towards the watchtower and when the sniper is near it, quickly activate the BG (or just press B ) .
  4. You should do it really fast. Press B when he's almost there at the ladder. I tried it and it worked. And wow, they are strong.
  5. Hmm sounds good. Though I think BR is already balanced as it is. The upgrades/techniques are enough to make units stronger. Any more than that would seem a bit.. over. Just my piece of cent, though.
  6. In terms of "strength", I think the Berserker deserves the title. But considering the overall factor - the unit's functionality, defense, and Dragon Skin BG - I believe the Samurai is a more formidable warrior.
  7. Maybe it has something to do with your videocard?
  8. In real life, I'd rather pick ninjas. But in BR, I'd prefer monks because they're stronger in melee combat. And their BG is a lot better than that of the ninja. I'm not saying ninja's invisibility is pointless, it's just that I rarely use it in gameplay. XD
  9. Hmm I wonder why some people think Dragon is the weakest. In the unpatched version, that may be true. But in WotW, Dragon seems to be very strong (in terms of how long the units can last during battle), while Serpent seems to be the weakest for me. Serpent may be good for strategic gameplay, but health-wise, they're probably the weakest. But that may be just me, since I'm more used to longplays than rush. XD
  10. Light's bestfriend is obviously a girl, what with her hair, body shape, and outfit. Isn't that a given? And guys, it would be a really big insult on the girl's part to mistake her for a guy. (And even if the person is a cross-dresser, he would probably be more pleased if you mistake him for a girl anyway. XD)
  11. At long last, I finally managed to beat Serpentholm 2 this afternoon. xD I got Tao in the monk stage and am now fighting against the Wolf.
  12. Wow, so you're actually a Vietnamese actor. Cool. How were you discovered? Anyway, does anyone here play Neopets? Altador Cup 4's coming next month! So here is me posing like a Darigan yooyuball player: Wearing the Darigan mask I made for our school project (XD): With the Altador Cup medallion: Here's an egg version of Adee the Chia (from the Neopets game "Ice Cream Machine") which I made for a past Random Contest in Neopets: Here's me with a mug I painted with the Darigan logo: Acting like an avid Altador Cup fan: As you can see, many of my pics are Neopets-related. XD You would probably find them weird. :|
  13. Yeah, that's what I was doing. Already destroyed their base at the north. I think I'm having progress now. Anyway, thanks for the tip!
  14. Really? I was pretty sure Master Warlocks were faster when I tested it out before. I'll try and see again.
  15. No offense intended towards the Wolf fans, but technically, aren't Wolf units supposed to be the idiot ones? XD
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