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  1. Name: Assassin Steam id:"Assassin" STEAM_0:0:24831638 Server: Lotus East 24/7 2fort Time: 7:00-7:17 A.M. Thurs. June 11 I'd like to post a complaint and ban request against the player Assassin. He constantly mocks me in chat, and normally people talking shit doesn't bother me, but when I say constantly I mean EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of every game, and if he isn't typing things to bother me, he's messing with me in game. I didn't do anything to this guy. I dominated him ONCE on the server and I guess he was having a bad day because it threw him into a frenzy. That was the same day Miyari saw him acting like a serious jerkwad. In this session he actually decided to take it a step further and start griefing me. Unfortunately, the demo of him being a pyro didn't record, I dont know why, but he was bothering my by flaming me (on my team) with the flamethrower and obstructing my view as I was zoomed in with the sniper scope. He was also strafing back and forth in front of me while I was trying to snipe. pic of him trying to take my name... for dubious reasons im sure. I wish that pyro video would have taken, that'd be all the evidence I need honestly. I'm not butthurt because he'll call me a name every once in a while, I'm bothered by the fact that he constantly and without end goes to great lengths to mess with me.
  2. ...And I in turn counter your Jenova with Sabin, Cyan, and Shadow. The three most manliest Final Fantasy characters ever.
  3. You have a right to know what you're being arrested for. If the cops are trying to detain you without reading you your miranda rights or disclosing what offense you're being accused of they are in the wrong in a big way. Something tells me that this guy had all that done before the video was taken, though. And who was video taping? This might have been staged considering how easily they let that dude get away.
  4. So i've noticed that a lot of people are pretty apathetic when it comes to winning or losing on the 24/7 2fort maps. Occasionally however, and quite obviously on Stock 1 from my first visit there; we see people who expect at least a modicom of effort from their teammates when it comes to pushing the assault and getting the objective accomplished. I come across this alot since I like to play Sniper even if my team has five snipers, since I understand most of them are probobly class hopping. Not everyone is polite about it, though. They can be very abusive to other players who aren't performing well or are playing a specific class. Where does the line fall between taking your entertainment too seriously and being a drag on your team? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this one everybody. .
  5. Buck

    Thanks for all your help getting my stuff straight. Lotus is pretty cool.

  6. Hey whats up! You looked forward to killing me, and you sure got me in Badlands :D

  7. Lmao. I put a cartridge of diplomacy right between your spectacles ;D

    Hope that didn't make you too mad, it's not like you didn't fry me up a few times, yourself.

  8. Buck

    Donor Help Thread

    Help! My donator benefits don't seem to be working properly. I can use the IP Connect for the server I play on, 24/7 U.S. East 2Fort when it is full, and I can also use commands like voteban, votekick, votemute, etcetera, but when I type menu it does not bring up the menu and when I use lotus_sethatcolor it tells me I don't have access to that command. Also, my name doesn't appear in Green. Edit: I also am not immune from autobalance. What's going on? Edit: Username: Buck Steam I.D.: STEAM_0:1:23976018 Selected Servers: Lotus Clan 24/7 2Fort U.S. East + One of the more popular Stock maps servers please!
  9. Dance around that you uppity little fruitloop.
  10. Buck

    Donor Help Thread

    Edit: US East 2fort, please.
  11. Buck


    Seems Left 4 Dead is Black 4 More.
  12. Aw darn. Cant take your comment virginity. Oh well, thirdsies...

  13. Buck


    Happy to be of service!
  14. Buck

    Donor Help Thread

    STEAM_0:1:23976018 Buck New donator! I would very much like my benefits instated for Stock Maps 1 and 24/7 2Fort
  15. Hey everyone. My name's Buck and I love playing on the 24/7 2fort server. I thought since I decided to donate, I'd go ahead and introduce myself here on the Lotus Forums! Odds are you'll see me around, I've been playing TF2 on the PC for a couple of weeks now and i'm really liking it. So don't be shy about giving me a shout! I'm open for Steam friend requests and all that good stuff, just let me know if you ever want to play and i'll jump in.
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