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  1. My collection is VERY small now..I had many more RARE items but I have since sold many
  2. Also for sale I have the following: Vintage Fan O' War Level 0 Vintage Force-A-Nature Level 0 Vintage Bonk Level 0 Sandman Unusual Fam. Fez Level 69 Smoking(themed) Unusual Madame Dixie Circling TF Logo Max Head(CLEAN) Level 92 painted Team Spirit Unusual Trophy Belt Green Confetti painted Biter taste of defeat and Lime Vintage Bills painted TS Something Special For Someone Special(needs wrap) Unusual Prussian Pickelhaube Purple Energy painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue Unusual Stainless Pot Haunted Ghosts Unusual Safe N Sound Green Confetti Unusual Pugilist's Protector Cloudy Moon Painted TS Unusual Handyman's Handle Searing Plasma Painted the Value of Teamwork Unusual Handyman's Handle Orbiting Fire Unusual Towering Pillar Of Hats Circling Hearts 50 yes 50 Painted Alien Swarm Parasite's (all 50 not breaking themup) 50 painted Ellis Caps 50 painted Ghastlierest Gibus And ANY other hat in my BP I have low crafted weapons as well. Let the offers begin................. :ph34r:
  3. You guys..LOL! Just wanted to see what offers I can get. I am willing to let it got for a decent offer. You can always message me on here as well. Just won't respond to steam adds..too many phishing accounts out there. I get adds ALL THE TIME ..LOL!
  4. Offers here. DON NOT ADD ME. 100% Earned by me and 100% Clean
  5. I won...now nothing to see here anymore.
  6. Spies has can change disguises!!!! Not just turn invisible!!! Ohhhh man this just opened up a whole new world for me!!!
  7. Awwww Yeah!!!! Come to me...... yes-yes-yes!!
  8. How about this. I fly you to the US and you and I can talk this out . I am sure I could get it for a lower price . "You are so beautiful to me.....uhhhh" "Taste-Taste-Taste....it only smells"
  9. How much in US $$. I might be interested. And you would not need a middle man. I am but a simple and poor merchant. LOL!
  10. I am far from a simple Merchant. LOL!!! But everyone can post there opinion.
  11. You could always donate to my massive collection.
  12. Why hasn't this been locked...LOL!!
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