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  1. i was wondering why when i go to download some maps from here that there seems to be an error everytime i go to download BR maps and cant access it.... and also that when i try making some maps that after i finish everything and go to try out my map that after i play it for awhile,battlerealms seems to quit on me like an error saying something about F.exe and yea... and lastly that sometimes on some of my maps when i play mulitplayer with friends it seems to sync out me/the other player after some time also.. that happens when we try playing with my map or maps that was originally from BattleRealms... i hope someone can help me with these problems....
  2. Hi everyone... I was wondering if anyone can help make a Kenji mod..one with the dragon in the Dragon and Serpent Keep..or just the dragon...? and also if anyone can make a map with 8 players, takes place in the snow and there are mountains surroundings.. and high lands that are flat where you can build your stuff on and 1 - 2 paths where you can get in to the other play territory or so.. and maybe another 8 player map for long game run and has high lands also...~ kinda like cambodia cliff but with more higher grounds and lands..(you dont have to make it like cambodia cliff..)
  3. ...i am able to play in Lan but when i play with my friend and when they try to host in LAN or with the IP Address one..i can't see theirs but they are able to see mine when i host..and while i am playing why do i see a lot of protlog.txt when i check my battle realms folder?
  4. Hey, just wondering, I know it was a long time ago, but do you still have the "MoonShine Final Version" Map?

  5. i see..though sometimes im able to see people hosting and sometimes i can't.
  6. Hi..i have a problem whenever i go to multiplayer-gamespy i can't see anyone hosting a server or when i try to create one nobody could see it.i also try reinstalling battlerealms but i still have the same problem...(do i have to enable dhcb?) and im using vista
  7. Can someone please help me? Every time I play Battle Realms and use the cheats (when active) in a few seconds or minutes, it shuts down on me (meaning the game). Does anyone know the problem with this situation?
  8. okay i got it and it works if u can,can you make serpent and dragon clan get to use kenji? And maybe allies/enemies can use kenji too, or not? thanks for making those mod ^^
  9. so i go to my battlerealms folder copy the battlerealms.dat and save it somewhere then go to your download for kenji and replace it?
  10. oh,i see.well okay and where do i put the file in?
  11. okay.. thanks for making the trainer ^.^
  12. so it is only possible with mods? okay, i hope you can make me one...just getting Kenji is fine and you can add other stuffs in you want.
  13. ohh okay i sent it to you..
  14. hi i downloaded the trainer Battle Realms/Winter of the Wolf Expansion v1.50q +11 Trainer by Decay (not sure if this is what its called) and when i start battlerealms to play i alt+tab and go to my trainer and i turn on the stuff i want then i go back to battlerealms and press and of the F slot like for any numbers of watchtowers, then the game exited out and closed one me..it doesnt do that when i press delete though..
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