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  1. ya i prefer using juz f1 and f2.. its quicker

  2. will not be playing for a while...

  3. Ok, No Problem.. Noob? u'll see but i dont think i did the wrong thing about stopping this argues.. beside i'm not the one who started it. LOL
  4. haha, funnnyy, do u think you're that good? and why would i stop? who are u to stop me? LOL.. well i wish to end these argument.. PEACE BRAH>>.<< Dunk, peace but translate it to english for me.. haha yes, ben i wished to play 1on1 with u too.. ako si DAYE. pwede ba delete itong topic, i dont like to argue with him anymore.. xD No offense ksi friend ko sya. too arrogant. Till here,
  5. LMFAO, Dont worry i juz blocked you.. all in my blocklist are some noobs juz like you.. its a good thing that you are tired at me, and leave this topic.
  6. Why Don't you SHUT UP?? and leave this topic, beside this ain't about you. LOL So Nabbyy.. hahahaha!
  7. ohh i see.. but u still need to go back to school, learn respecting others .. IDIOT!
  8. LOL. you juz made this argument bigger.. i said maybe a few.. wow.. try understanding things well, or maybe go back to school again. lol u cant call me idiot. and i dnt live USA or Aus, i also have my own language. not english juz like u.. not being racist..
  9. lmfao rebelde.. hahaa.. tru'z

    and serpent kid u wanna get whooped by me again?

  10. good for you. lmao i wonder why he is talking like this... HE CAN'T REALLY UNDERSTAND ENGLISH.. maybe a few.. or Just DUMB?
  11. hey alvz dnt forget about me.. you are my 1on1 partner.. i agreed on alvz.. some people dsnt seem to like 1on1's. They never tried their skills.. Nekro, alvz wasnt pointing at you.. and how can u say that all players are respecting you, if u can't respect them back.. you need to limit ur words cuz u dont know who ur talking at.. im not saying this cuz im a beatz member. im saying this for others to get respected.. Juz a reminders for all players:--: You messed with Alvz, You juz messed with me.. datz all.. and thank you.. i dnt wanna see negative comments.. peace..
  12. happy new year too mak..

  13. ahh ikaw pala si daye oo nakita nakita sa GR...

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