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  1. Well, if I did that it would probably be the 4th or 5th time I have. As it is the file I have now was tested by a friend and works perfectly for him. It's also a portable version of it so I can put it on my flashdrive. As for gameranger, well, does it still download the game to the computer or is it done in your browser or popup window?
  2. For some reason this happens every time i try to start up the program. The error box pops up and then when I hit enter the program shuts down. I've looked around on the internet and submitted queries to multiple forums regarding this problem. Thus far I've been unable to find anything that works. I use an EeePC notebook computer, and I'm not quite sure what all my specifications are, but if you need them I can find any information you need me to with a little help on how to do that. I'd appreciate a fast response because soon I won't be able to get online for at least two and a half months. If you notice this after a week from now, I won't be able to respond until at least december. Thanks ahead of time for the help.
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