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  1. thinking about quit from the forum

  2. kimr120


    people who have one of the servers as favorites should have gray
  3. kimr120

    Favorite Game

    1. Half Life series 2. Team fortress 2 3. Fallout (should be 1 for me but half life got a better story)
  4. kimr120

    Unicorn Picture Thread

    wtf a robot with a unicorn?!
  5. kimr120

    Look At My New Hats ; )

    damn you i'm soooo jealous. i only got the halo
  6. kimr120

    Steam On Mac

    is this true or bullshit?
  7. kimr120

    Account Phising Warning

    wow people are stupid if they are giving away their accounts
  8. kimr120

    I Hate Fedex

    that sounds to suck..
  9. kimr120

    Death Shots/ Screenshots

    Fly me to the moon!