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  1. server list Battle realms Game Room ALL PLAYERS CAN HOST ON GAMERANGER !
  2. Play battlerealms online from gameranger.com how to play 1. visit http://www.gameranger.com/ 2. download GameRangerSetup.exe 3. install 4. open gameranger (icon) 5. register account and activate your account 6. select your game (battlerealms) 7. host or join now GAME HOSTING HELP http://www.gameranger.com/support/network/ http://www.gameranger.com/support/hosting/
  3. BATTLE REALMS CHEATS 1.50q Lotus clan: Get Yin Yang faster and great fighting Train a Warlock unit then set magic by the Brother that has a leaf around his head. Now, get ice-blade for the Warlock. Your Warlock unit must have more than five (the more, the better). In battle, press B to destroy them all. However, it may take a few minutes to get stamina for the Brother. Lotus clan: Demon horse Tame a horse, then let your unit ride it to near another clan. Dismount to release it. Wait and see if they ride that horse. It will take life from them Lotus clan: More Ninja 1.make 3 warlocks and a brother tausil 2.give the 3 warlocks a power of tausil 3.summoned a 1 ninja,put it beside the watchtower 4.the 3 warlocks must be away from the ninja 5.the 3 warlocks must be ctrl 1 6.give the ninja the power of warlocks by pressing 1 then f1,click the ninja ,f2,click the ninja,f3,click the ninja, then must hurry send the ninja into the watchtower. 6.then click the keep you will see the ninja ,click 4 ninja. 7.do it again and again. Serpent clan: More Yin Select a Ronin trained with the Yin Blade accompanied with Shinja. Together they will generate twice the amount of Yin that 2 Ronins would have normally accumulated. Serpent clan: Two Necromancer 1st, after you create a Necro(short for Necromancer) have a Ronin "Blood Bond" with him and let the Necro enter a "Watch Tower". After this let 4 ronin enter the Necromancer's Thrown. Have the Ronin who "Blood Bonded" with the Necro to die. When the Ronin dies, the 4 Ronin inside the Necromancer's Thrown will become a Necromancer. Serpent clan: More Ninja Use Ronin's Blood Bond at the ninja and enter the ninja to the tower.(no fan geishas nearby) Let the ronin kill himself. Meanwhile, click the ninja until the ronin dies. Wolf clan: Ballistaman's bullet converts to totem Note this trick will make the Ballistaman's bullet converts to totem, which makes nearby enemies weak while you becomes stronger. Make as many Ballistamen as needed, then Bless them. Click the Ballistaman, press B, then click on the ground. After clicking B, press N at least 3 times. If an enemy approaches your base, the Ballistaman will shoot it with arrows made of Totem (infinite). Dragon clan: Break unit limit With a new character, train in the Bath House and Royal Academy. Train her to 20 units, then take them to train in the Shrine which provide them the magic. Select all of them (press B for using the magic). Finally, your units will become 40 by using the magic. The sum of these 40 units plus your peasants will be more than the limit provided. coming soon cheats...: Use new heroes and more secret characters
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