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  1. Gregor8356, I have received your email. Thank you for your offer to help me resetting my account. I've found out the email that associated to this account. Turns out to be my yahoo email which I never check in a decade. I'm surprise yahoo didn't closed the account.
  2. wolfbite/coolguy are back maybe keep the flame of BR alive

  3. o.O You guys are arguing about 1v1 Does it stop yet? Alvinz, you can play 1v1 with me In fact, I don't really scared to play anyone, the last game I played with Sora, I won, the last game I played with CP, I lose, and I also have a video of how I lose. I don't really care of losing or winning. It's just that sometimes, my friend is online and I don't want to leave them alone to play 1v1 with anyone PEACE I'll play 1v1 with anyone when only few players are online on my buddy list @Nekromant, don't worry about them, just be friends
  4. ben how can i use cannon smoke 4 times in a 2 seconds quickly?

  5. hi ben..the lord of the serpent clan..

  6. What Song, I never heard of that song I miss playing 1v1 with you cause I lose o.O
  7. I miss Nekro already nyahahaha. I am pissed to the the korean fake ben, he makes fun of me T_T
  8. Wew.. just go to youtube and search for it.. Search for "Ben Battle Realms Download"

  9. HELLO !!! trix said : i ask you to give a battle realms link to download it..... thanks help me please

  10. how can i download battle realms wotw? reply me if i can!!!.....

  11. hey last team we is GG!!! kala ko hindi ikaw si ben!!! hehehe idol kita hahahha

  12. :P I miss visiting this forums :P
  13. Stop calling us FAG! I love you Hahaha You can play with us at gameranger
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