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  1. hehe our welcome back vicotries
  2. hey is your tournament still going alvz?
  3. hey guys i got my DSL back!! yey watch this is my luck to JJ =) http://www.battlerealms.cc/forums/index.php?showtopic=840
  4. YO hi guys im back!! this sucks i have dial up now =( i hope i dont lagg...
  5. Come on now Lighty and Darky dont fight u guys are old buddies right u guys are like 1 of the best teams out there and dont get mad to lighty about the luck thing cause i started saying that to him then everyone so im realy sorry guys its all my fault so dont fight
  6. BEN dont get show my pic yet pls!! lol the right time will come lol
  7. lol LIGHTY! you go first men ill even put my funny one lol
  9. if lighty puts his ill put mine!!! i told him that lol want me to put the YOU WANT FORTUNE COOKIE?? hehe dont tell them link ben or site lol
  10. YoYoYo its me the tYpiCal RiCeMaN i hope u like my pic thats me if u gonna say something bad say it in the RiCeMaN's FACE! lol if u gonna say something nice say it to the RiCeMaN's FACE! if you gonna eat my RiCe...THINK AGAIN! :angry: Thats the RicE of ALL PIMPS! MAN I WISH I CAN MAKE IT BIGGER
  11. haha thx lighty but everyone knows im noob
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