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    studying lesson!!! & playing battle realms WOTW& also warcraft FROZEN THRONE > dota allstars v.6 b 61 AI+
  1. Serpent_kid

    Favorite Unit From Dragon Clan

    I dont know!!!
  2. lmfao rebelde.. hahaa.. tru'z

    and serpent kid u wanna get whooped by me again?

  3. serpent kid...sabi mo pangit ako kaya wala akong pic sa profile ko....hhhhmmmmmm..eh ng makita ko ang pic mo dito sa profile mo eh AKO ANG NAKAKITA NG PANGET EH...tsktsktsk...lakas ng angas mo bata...

  4. THE COLDNESS of the frostmourne never stops with the hatred heart and vengeful spirit..

  5. Serpent_kid

    Who Is The Prettiest Hero?

    i vote for utara coz she is hot & sexy...
  6. Serpent_kid


    serpent horses are the bst!!!
  7. ahh ikaw pala si daye oo nakita nakita sa GR...

  8. well i posted a link for you on ur topic

  9. first time to see you..