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  1. Ok, It works now. I can't be on a dual screen setup is all. But now I have new issues. The minimap is grey, and now and then the game lags out, all the stuff on screen becomes 2-D for a second, and then it pops back to normal. Doesn't happen all the time, but at certain spots of the map only. I have the latest DirectX.
  2. Mine is just grey, then I tried re installing it and now it doesn't even work =\
  3. I have the same issue, I'm running Windows 7. I've tried everything, from compatibility mode on all OS' to all the options in every possible way. Re installed like 5 times. Help me out! I love BR too much.
  4. I have the same issue...I've tried EVERYTHING. Even Google doesn't know the answer. I guess you gotta wait for them to fix up Windows 7
  5. For me, the game works fine, but, the mini map doesn't show!! HOW DO YOU FIX THIS?! I've tried everything from, admin mode to changing all the graphics and the compatibility! Mine works fine on Vista
  6. battle realms forums seem dead...

  7. but what is it? a network manageer or something? EDIT: Oh its great!! Thanks! this might make things simpler. Erm...1 SLIGHT problem...heh heh. I had bought my BR in 06 but it spoilt. So I got the downloadable ver. off this site...I technically still paid for it so yea... But it dosent detect the game!! anyway to manually make gameranger detect BR??
  8. OK...now suddenly I can play lol. But laggs like fish! I managed to play one game yesterday night though. nice experience. I almost got my ass whooped!
  9. I did see. once. I tried joining and I got kicked or lagged out or summin...I dont know
  10. Actually I suffer similar probs...I hav no anti virus or firewall active when I try as well...Do I need to create a proper gamespy acc or something??
  11. Ive been playing for a while and Im technically still a slow player. (probably cuz Im an offline player) But Im just wondering, how do you rush with Dragon? (my fav clan!!) I think Dragon can start an attack fast because they have fast units like Kabuki, Dragon Warrior, Archers, Chemists and Spearmen. ( Meaning their stamina is good enough to run to the enemy base ) But is there any other way to play a rush with dragon, because these units arent very strong against buildings...So thus the enemy base is still intact and he can somehow withstand my attack. Plus if he has an ally, bcuz Im busy with the micro, My base might get screwed! Anyone??
  12. Erm...dude....wrong place.... Try the Lotus Clan page of the forums!
  13. I think using ID is just another stratergy and is part of the game. ID ftw!
  14. Yo man, great mod!! Though I noticed a few things you could do to balance it. 1- Put some water and yin/yang cost to Nightvol and Kenji 2- And maybe a limitation to the number of Kenjis and Nightvols. I tried spamming out all of em and It worked too well. 3- The enemy AI dosent use kenji and nightvol!! The fight becomes too easy!! I dont know if u can change the mod for this, but do try! Cheers mate! P.S. Could u put the mods on the download page in the forum?? Its a bit easier to download here than 2shared, for me cuz of some security page shit on my com. THANKS AGAIN!!
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