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  1. hey

    does the peasant trainer

    work for v1.50?

  2. maxtrillion

    The Wondering Ronin

    File Name :: The Wondering Ronin Author :: maxtrillion Category :: Maps Screenshot :: Description :: One of the few swampy places in Japan. Large sources of both water and rice. Few horses. View File
  3. maxtrillion

    The Wondering Ronin



    One of the few swampy places in Japan. Large sources of both water and rice. Few horses.
  4. maxtrillion

    Heroes In Campaign

    Lol wow this has gotten off topic.... Dude.. Alvz were do you live?
  5. maxtrillion

    Collection Of Ideas

    I think walls would be stupid. Because then it would be sort of a standoff kind of thing, trying to destroy the wall.... getting killed in the process. It is better to be able to run into their base destroying stuff, and let them retailiate. I just like Br the way it is. Simple as that.
  6. maxtrillion

    Internet Games

    Eh.. i was just saying one thing.... and he surprised me.... i didn't even know he had Battle Realms....
  7. maxtrillion

    Internet Games

    GRAHAM!!!! Why is your name always "Scantron"?
  8. maxtrillion

    Internet Games

    Ok.... but i have to warn you.... i might lose badly
  9. maxtrillion

    Victory Screenshots

    That is what it looked like! xD But what r the chances of you running across it right after our conversation?! Lol and I like how you did that speech bubble stuff. Funny.....
  10. maxtrillion

    Serpent Against Lotus

    Lol, but i think it was Ben who taught us that Cannons are also very effective. But a cannon rush would be sort of weird but it might work.... Damn i got to try that crap
  11. maxtrillion

    Lamest Battle Gear For Dragon

    Lol also against Otomo. I have a grudge against otomo..... he is sooo weak. That might be because I use Muskets and that owns Otomo so i truly see how weak he is. Also a couple or raiders could kill Otomo.
  12. maxtrillion

    Internet Games

    thanks lolz..
  13. maxtrillion

    Victory Screenshots

    Ive seen Lighty on once or twice. Actually.... I think i played against him... but i can't remember the outcome....
  14. maxtrillion

    Zymeth's Paradise

    File Name :: Zymeth's Paradise Author :: maxtrillion Category :: Maps Screenshot :: Description :: A 5 player map. This map is a dark, gloomy map that looks like the terrain which the Lotus clan reigns on. View File
  15. maxtrillion

    Samurai's Last Wish

    File Name :: Samurai's Last Wish Author :: maxtrillion Category :: Maps Screenshot :: Description :: 4 player map. Really cool. View File