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  1. I hope that doesn't happen to me when I finish downloading it.
  2. I have tried to reinstall in the past month or so. The error is telling me that I have missing data, 2041 Models is the name. Its 97MBs worth(if you look it up in your drive you should see it yourself), I dont understand what it is I've looked into command prompt and have done some stuff to see what it is. I do see it and i have tried to get it to my battle realms data file. but when i try to install it, it gives me another error message. Its called Error 1305 If you have any former experience on this matter please help me out. I understand that I could go online and download all of it that way but, im trying to do it the easy way.
  3. hmm that doesnt make sense sorry i cant answer you man
  4. sounnds like maybe your internet is out
  5. I dont think they are weak they are my favorite clan.
  6. the musketeers maybe. I do think though that the wolf clan is good against the Serpent in the long run. I could be wrong but from my experience that's how it is.
  7. I have to say the lotus, every time i play it seems they are weak against the serpent!
  8. I think the raiders are better attackers against buildings but are very weak against melee weapons. The musketeers are great in all aspects to me except destroying buildings...so i have to say MUSKETEERS
  9. They are my favorite clan. I like them all, Id have to say the Kabuki Warrior. Though the Dragon Warrior is a close second.
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